WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 New Rivalries for CM Punk Following Scandalous Loss

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 New Rivalries for CM Punk Following Scandalous Loss

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    Poor Punk. He drops his unified title about 30 seconds after winning the damn thing, and nobody even cheered when he won it because they were expecting the match to restart as John Cena's foot was so clearly on the ropes.

    So what next for him? What feuds lie in his future? Well, partly it depends on whether he's a face or a heel or continues to reside in that odd middle ground where he is now—he's hailed as a face but treated and talks like a heel.

    Regardless, here are some possibilities.

Possible New Rivalries for CM Punk: Alberto Del Rio

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    Well, this is the obvious one, though it'll depend on what happens on tonight's RAW.

    Punk stopped Del Rio from cashing in at Money in the Bank; Del Rio took away Punk's unified title. It'll mean that Punk is the face in the feud, of course, because Del Rio is becoming the quintessential cowardly heel, but that doesn't mean it won't work.

Possible New Rivalries for CM Punk: Kevin Nash (and Whoever He Works For)

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    I'm just guessing here and assuming that Kevin Nash was sent by one of the McMahons to screw Punk prior to Del Rio's cash-in. Triple H's look of utter confusion at the end of the PPV indicates that he wasn't part of the C.O.N.spiracy—but Stephanie was spotted leaving John Cena's dressing room.Is Cena now in cahoots with the heir to the McMahon dynasty?

    Sorry. Thinking aloud. Regardless, Punk will want his revenge on whoever put the wheels in motion to take his title away. Nash, even if he is a hired goon, will be part of that.

Possible New Rivalries for CM Punk: Chris Jericho

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    However they work this, I'll be happy. Both men seem to be really keen on working together, and they've been building it up via Twitter. It'd be the perfect way to reintroduce Jericho to the notoriously forgetful WWE Universe and would result in some great matches.

Possible New Rivalries for CM Punk: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    This one's already been hinted at—that backstage segment where Stone offered Punk a beer and Punk "whatted" him was brilliant.

    It's unlikely that Austin will return to in-ring competition in any real way, but a feud where his minions do his bidding could still work, as long as he's the one who does the talking.

Possible New Rivalries for CM Punk: One of the Voiceless

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    I would love to see one of the Ring of Honor guys come into the WWE and tell Punk that they haven't given him permission to speak for them, and his "Voice of the Voiceless" gimmick is offensive and patronising to them. It'd be a great way to get some of the indy wrestlers over and launched in WWE without having to mess about with the 68th week of NXT.

    It probably won't be Colt Cabana, who's been by Punk's side during the Summer of Punk, but one of the Kings of Wrestling—or both of them—could do it.

    What do you think? Let me know in the comments.