NFL 2011: The Top 25 Best Team Names for Fantasy Football

Chris FaigCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2011

With the first week of the NFL preseason now concluded, fantasy football players are already beginning to draft their squads and scout their prospects.  

Some fantasy football players couldn't care less about what their team name is, while others will go deep into thought to create an exciting and original name that will stand out across the league. As with any other team name, the name for your fantasy football team should be interesting and maybe even intimidating.

With player evaluations and comparing stats, you may not have time or really even feel like coming up with a fun and creative name. Some are original and some are classics. So, here are 25 fantasy football team names that you might want to consider.  Enjoy.


25. Newton's Laptop Rentals

24. Schaub Shank Redemption

23. Show Me Ya TDs

22. Corn on the Kolb

21. Shaved Bush & Feeling a Brees

20. Henne Nut Cheerios

19. Donte Stallworth's Driving Academy

18. Cromartie Plus-8

17. 2 Mannings, 1 Cup

16. The ConVICK's

15. Brady's Bunch

14. The Arian Brotherhood

13. Forgetting Brandon Marshall

12. I Love Bush... Reggie Bush

11. Sproles Royce

10. Revis & Butt-Head

9.  BREESus Christ 

8. Why Wait? Grab A Vickers

7. Ginn + Tonic

6. Ryannosaurus Rex

5. Holmes Sweet Holmes

4. Along Came Collie

3. Pimpin' Ain't BREESy

2. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

1. Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Hillis