BCS Week 11 Poll

David Funk@davidfunk74Correspondent INovember 9, 2008

Here's the latest BCS Top 25 for Week 11. I'm also going to list the remaining games for those on the poll as well as who they beat this past week, too.

Note: Rankings for this past week's results are according to the BCS in Week 10. The remaining schedules show current BCS ranking.

1. Alabama (10-0) beat No. 16 LSU 27-21
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 vs Mississippi State(3-6)
Nov. 29 vs Auburn(5-5)
Dec. 6 vs No. 4 Florida for SEC Championship*


2. Texas Tech (10-0) beat No. 9 Oklahoma State 56-20
Remaining games:
Nov. 22 at No. 5 Oklahoma(9-1)
Nov. 29 vs Baylor(3-7)


3. Texas (9-1) beat Baylor 45-21
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Kansas(6-4)
Nov. 27 vs Texas A&M(4-6)


4. Florida (8-1) beat Vanderbilt 42-14
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 vs No. 24 South Carolina(7-3)
Nov. 22 vs Citadel
Nov. 29 at No. 19 Florida State(7-2)
Dec. 6 vs No. 1 Alabama for SEC Championship


5. Oklahoma (9-1) beat Texas A&M 66-28
Remaining games:
Nov. 22 vs No. 2 Texas Tech(10-0)
Nov. 29 at No. 13 Oklahoma State(8-2)


6. USC (8-1) beat No. 21 California 21-7
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Stanford(5-5)
Nov. 29 vs Notre Dame(5-4)
Dec. 6 at UCLA(3-6)


7. Utah (10-0) beat TCU 13-10
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at San Diego State(1-9)
Nov. 22 vs No. 17 BYU(9-1)


8. Penn State (9-1) lost to Iowa 24-23
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 vs Indiana(3-7)
Nov. 22 vs No. 15 Michigan State(9-2)


9. Boise State (9-0) beat Utah State 49-14
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Idaho(2-8)
Nov. 22 at Nevada(5-4)
Nov. 28 vs Fresno State(5-4)


10. Georgia (8-2) beat Kentucky 42-38
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Auburn(5-5)
Nov. 29 vs Georgia Tech


11. Ohio State (8-2) beat No. 24 Northwestern 45-10
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Illinois(5-5)
Nov. 22 vs Michigan(3-7)


12. Missouri (8-2) beat Kansas State 41-24
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Iowa State(2-8)
Nov. 29 vs Kansas(6-4)


13. Oklahoma State (8-2) lost to No. 2 Texas Tech 56-20
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Colorado(5-5)
Nov. 29 vs No. 5 Oklahoma(9-1)


14. Ball State (9-0) beat Northern Illinois 45-14
Remaining games:
Nov. 11 at Miami(OH)(2-7)
Nov. 19 at Central Michigan(7-2)
Nov. 25 vs Western Michigan(8-2)


15. Michigan State (9-2) beat Purdue 21-7
Remaining games:
Nov. 22 at No. 8 Penn State(9-1)


16. North Carolina (7-2) beat No. 20 Georgia Tech 28-7
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Maryland(6-3)
Nov. 22 vs North Carolina State(3-6)
Nov. 29 at Duke(4-5)

17. BYU (9-1) beat San Diego State 41-12
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Air Force(8-2)
Nov. 22 at No. 7 Utah(10-0)

18. TCU (9-2) lost to No. 8 Utah 13-10
Remaining games:
Nov. 22 vs Air Force(8-2)

19. Florida State (7-2) beat Clemson 41-27
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 vs Boston College(6-3)
Nov. 22 at Maryland(6-3)
Nov. 29 vs No. 4 Florida(8-1)

20. LSU (6-3) lost to No. 1 Alabama 27-21 in OT
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 vs Troy(6-3)
Nov. 22 vs Mississippi(5-4)
Nov. 29 at Arkansas(4-6)

21. Pittsburgh (7-2) beat Louisville 41-7
Remaining games:
Nov. 22 at No. 22 Cincinnati(7-2)
Nov. 28 vs West Virginia(6-3)
Dec. 6 at Connecticut(6-3)

22. Cincinnati (7-2) beat No. 25 West Virginia 26-23
Remaining games:
Nov. 14 at Louisville(5-4)
Nov. 22 vs No. 21 Pittsburgh(7-2)
Nov. 29 vs Syracuse(2-7)
Dec. 6 vs Hawaii(5-5)

23. Tulsa (8-1) was idle
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at Houston(5-4)
Nov. 22 vs Tulane(2-7)
Nov. 29 at Marshall(4-5)

24. Wake Forest (6-3) beat Virginia 28-17
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at North Carolina State(3-6)
Nov. 22 Boston College(6-3)
Nov. 29 Vanderbilt(5-4)

25. South Carolina (7-3) beat Arkansas 34-21
Remaining games:
Nov. 15 at No. 4 Florida(8-1)
Nov. 29 at Clemson(4-5)

*-Clinched SEC Title Game birth

Obviously the most important game on the slate is the matchup with Texas Tech at Oklahoma. Texas Tech can go to the Big 12 Title game with a win, and then play for the BCS Championship if they win the Conference Championship.

Oklahoma has two tough games remaining in the season, and winning both vaults them right back in the hunt for a BCS Title Shot. But they have to win the Big 12 Title Game, and Missouri(who will likely win the North Division) will be no push-over for anyone to play.

Provided that Oklahoma wins at home against Texas Tech, their game against Oklahoma State becomes increasingly important with them. If they win out, that will be three teams in the current top 13 of the BCS they'll have beaten.

Another game for me that is under the radar from what I've seen is Florida playing at Florida State. Even though Florida State has two losses, this is a game that the Gators should be leary of. Florida also has a scrappy South Carolina team to play, but they get them at home.

Even though Penn State lost for the first time this past week, they can still clinch a BCS Bowl bid by winning out. PSU has to move on, but them getting possible Rose Bowl bid has to be one of the best consolation prizes in all of sports.

Their home matchup with Michigan State is key for them now. The Nittany Lions have to refocus their attention on a Rose Bowl spot. Ohio State can still win the Big Ten, too. It's not over in that conference just yet.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, the BCS doesn't have Oregon State on the poll. Now if they win out, they go to the Rose Bowl. And let's not forget that Oregon State was blown out at Penn State earlier in the year, so this could be a rare rematch here.

Oregon State still has to play California, Arizona, and Oregon, so it's no guarantee they win the Pac-10 Conference. USC possibly playing Penn State with Paterno vs Carroll sounds good to me should Oregon State slip up and the Trojans win out.

That's unless the Trojans get to the BCS Championship, but they have to have a good amount of help for that to happen.

BYU can knock Utah out of the BCS picture when they play on November 22. If the Big East or the ACC doesn't get a team in the top 12 of the BCS at season's end, this would likely give Utah their second ever BCS bid should they get past BYU. Stay tuned for that one.

Boise State may have a tough time with Nevada or possibly Fresno State, but I think they run the table. Then you have the story of Ball State. They play Central Michigan and Western Michigan who are better than most think. Western Michigan beat Central Michigan earlier in the year, and Western Michigan just came off a win against Illinois. So Ball State's path to an undefeated season isn't as clear some may think.

Finally, Alabama and Florida have clinched spots in the SEC Championship Game. If the Crimson Tide and Gators do not lose another regular season game, this could very well be the most important SEC Championship Game ever.

I can promise you, the winner in that scenario will be going to the BCS Championship. Or is it possible they could play again in the BCS Championship if Florida wins? I doubt that could happen, but you never know. They have to get to that point first.

Okay, that's all I have for now. Be sure to check the Blog List of friends to the right of this page for more great reads out there! Thanks for viewing!