LeBron James' 5 Best Friends on the Cleveland Cavaliers

Ryan Sponseller@sponyContributor IIIAugust 15, 2011

LeBron James' 5 Best Friends on the Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Being friends with the enemy can cost you your job under the current Cleveland Cavaliers’ regime, as evident by that possibly sparking the trade of J.J. Hickson. Wanting to distance the franchise from any memories of the LeBron James era, only three players remain from the 2009-2010 team.  

    Will these moves continue once the NBA Lockout is resolved?

    The following list of players could be next on the chopping block in order to erase all memories from the 2010 team. What might also be alarming is the influence James has over new acquisitions by the Cavs, only a summer conversation away from signing with that team down south.

Baron Davis

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    Although never playing together for the Cavs, Baron Davis and James have been spotted together at the Drew League in Los Angeles.

    The Heat are in need of a veteran point guard, and Baron's 2012-13 contract year is a player option. Who wants to guess if James has planted the idea of making a run with the Heat towards an NBA title?

Anderson Varejao

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    Anderson Varejao has James to thank for his current contract; riding high during winning seasons and easy buckets while left free to roam and field great passes a double-teammed James.

    Varejao has previously mentioned how important James was to his career by saying, "He has helped me a lot since I came to Cleveland for being such a good person that has received me so well. This is very important [for me].”

Christian Eyenga

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    Christian Eyenga was a mainstay at workouts held in Akron over James' tenure in Cleveland, even being shown with James prior to the Decision. 

    Eyenga hasn’t given up on following James for increased summer-time competition, recently showing up at the Chris Chambers Classic in Cleveland to play alongside LeBron.

Daniel Gibson

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    Last December when their friendship was tested in preparation for the anticipated Cavs-Heat matchup, James defined his relationship with Boobie, "I talked to Daniel today and it is all good. We're still friends." 

    One question remains leading into Gibson’s (second) wedding with Keyshia Cole: Will James be invited?

Kyrie Irving?

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    Comparisons between Kyrie and James have linked these two players, but their mutual admiration has already blossomed into a relationship. 

    James supported the Cavs selection of Irving prior to the draft, "He's a true point guard who can score, in this day and age in the NBA it is a point guards' league. If they decided to take him, which it looks like, they'll have a good one." 

    Kyrie has been a regular attendee at the James-affiliated summer camps over the past three years, while LeBron has experience working with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski for Team USA.

    In order for Kyrie to have a pleasant stay in Cleveland, he would be advised to avoid alignment with James. Fans and management will always hold a grudge with James, and now Kyrie will have the challenge of making Cavs fans forget.