Why Georges St-Pierre Must Fight Anderson Silva

Tyson CurtisContributor IAugust 15, 2011

Georges St-Pierre must fight Anderson Silva. Why? His legacy depends on it.

St-Pierre has said time and time again he wants to be the man who brought the change, that great impact on the world of MMA. He has respectively been climbing that ladder higher and higher each time he fights since he has beaten more competitive and dangerous opposition to his title then anyone else.

If the two never do clash, it won't necessarily tarnish either of their careers, but when it comes to discussing the pound-for-pound king in MMA these two go back and forth as No. 1 and 2. They've respectfully cleared out their divisions and are currently the reigning champion kingpins of their weight classes.

Let's think about it: who really wants to be known as the No. 2 man? That's the main reason anyone wants to see who will win inside the octagon between these two warriors. There's no one left to prove their valor against so why not have them square off against one another. They're only one weight class away from each other and the payday from this fight would no doubt be the biggest in the sport.

There are a number of reasons and excuses going around as to why this "clash of titans" hasn't happened yet, but who really benefits more from the win, GSP or Silva? Without a doubt it’s GSP. The reason for that again is his LEGACY. Unfortunately for him, the two things at the moment standing in his way is his lack of finishing opponents and defeating Anderson Silva.

The two actually go hand in hand now since no one has more devastating and phenomenal finishes than Silva at the moment—a man who has only gone to decision twice in the UFC—while GSP, on the other hand, has gone to decision in his last four outings.

I have always been impressed with GSP's performance (as he would say) when he does fight. He displays what it means to be a true martial artist and student of the game. The man has eight (T)KOs and five submissions with only nine actually going to decision. The man shuts down fighters in their own strengths and just controls them for 25 minutes, but will he be able to do it against Silva? He needs to. It's a must-win situation for him.

Let's face it: Silva is not getting younger at 36. If he were to retire today he would be leaving as champion and the only undefeated man in UFC history to top it all off. If this dream match were to come into fruition, GSP must put it all on the line and not only defeat Silva, but finish him as well. It will be the only way to solidify him as the true pound-for-pound king and quite simply the best ever. Everyone else knows it, but more importantly, so does GSP.