WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: What's Next for John Cena After Loss to CM Punk

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: What's Next for John Cena After Loss to CM Punk

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    A very spirited affair took place at SummerSlam as John Cena and CM Punk went one-on-one in the first WWE Champion vs. WWE Champion match in history.

    Triple H proved to be a more than fair referee up until the finish where John Cena's foot on the rope went undetected.

    John Cena made a plea to Triple H but it was to no avail.

    With the WWE Title situation in a new state of flux, with many rematches to be claimed in the next few weeks, where does Cena go from here?

    Here are some factors that are in Cena's way back to a one-on-one championship contest.

Rey Mysterio's Rematch in San Diego

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    Rey Mysterio is claiming his rematch in his hometown on RAW.

    He will face the new champion, Alberto Del Rio.

    These two are quite familiar with each other and should lead to an exciting contest for the richest prize in WWE.

    If Mysterio wins, Del Rio will have a rematch and could lead to a revolving door of rematches for a number of main eventers on RAW—the most notable being CM Punk.

CM Punk Should Get His Rematch Before Cena

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    CM Punk may not be the champion right now, but he is more deserving of the belt than John Cena at the moment.

    If you don't believe me, despite the questionable finish at SummerSlam, check the scoreboard.  Punk is up 2-0 on Cena in WWE Title matches.

    A rivalry with Kevin Nash looks to be in the future of Punk so that rematch could be riddled with controversy and outside interference.

    The thing for Punk to do is wait for the Del Rio-Mysterio match to finish and make a statement afterwards. After all, Punk should be next in line for the gold after Mysterio.

Cena Is Also Deserving of a Rematch, but Will Have to Wait

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    John Cena lost to CM Punk on Sunday night and is no longer the WWE Champion.  That statement in itself tells you that John Cena is entitled to a rematch.

    With everyone and their mother having held onto the WWE Title in the last month, Cena will have to take a number and wait it out.

    There isn't any direct rivalry in the future for Cena at the moment, but we are sure to have this story develop on RAW.

    What do you think?  Should Cena wait in line for a shot at the belt, one-on-one, or should there be a multi-man match in the near future? Further, will Kevin Nash enter the WWE Title picture?

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