CM Punk Wins the Match but Loses the WWE Title

Dorian McLean@Quartz87Contributor IIIAugust 15, 2011


That is the No. 1 question going through wrestling fans' minds following last night’s shocking conclusion to the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Going into the night, CM Punk had a lot of pressure on his back, as everyone expected John Cena to lose. No one would be surprised by that result. As Cena put it on Raw, everyone expects Punk to win.

Anything less than a victory over Cena Sunday night and Punk would end up crucified by the fanbase.

Luckily for him, there was a blind spot for Triple H that allowed him to get the pin fall.

This result seemed even less likely, as earlier in the night fans were shown Stephanie McMahon, who made her return to television, leaving Cena’s locker room with a smile.

With questions already brewing such as why Triple H allowed Punk to win in the first place, what would happen next was completely unexpected, raising even more questions.

As Punk was celebrating on the top turnbuckle, Kevin Nash jumped the security barrier and into the ring.

He would then lay a clothesline and power-bomb onto Punk before retreating through the crowd as Triple H was coming back down the ramp.

This prompted the next move that everyone expected; Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring with a referee, cashed his money in the bank briefcase and took the title from CM Punk.

The question here now is why did Kevin Nash attack CM Punk?

Is it possible that Triple H allowed Punk to become the undisputed champion, walk away and allowed Nash to attack Punk to have him lose to Del Rio?

Why did Stephanie exit Cena’s locker room with a smile on her face? Another burning question is: where was John Laurinaitis at the end of the night?

Earlier in the show Laurinaitis demanded Punk apologizes for his actions publicly. Punk did so, but not before making it a complete mockery.

Is it possible Laurinaitis hired Nash to do some dirty work?

Hopefully some of these questions can be answered tomorrow night on Raw.

I, for one, will tune in to find out.