WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Live Match-by-Match Breakdown and Analysis

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIIAugust 14, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Live Match-by-Match Breakdown and Analysis

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    Join us tonight for WWE SummerSlam 2011, live on pay-per-view at 8/7 CT, as WWE Champions John Cena and CM Punk face off in a WWE Championship unification match refereed by none other than WWE COO, Triple H.

    Also on the card, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian will defend his title against former champion Randy Orton in a no holds barred match. One more title bout is scheduled as well, where Beth Phoenix will be challenging WWE Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly.

    The two non-title bouts on the card are not to be forgotten,though, as Daniel Bryan will take on Wade Barrett and Sheamus squares off with The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

    The following slides will be updated live as the matches take place, so keep your eyes peeled and pages refreshed for full results and analysis of tonight's show! 

6-Man Tag Team Match: Miz, R-Truth, Del Rio vs. Kofi, JoMo, Mysterio

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    This surprise six man tag match kicked off the show, with each individual on both teams getting some time to shine.  The crowd was very hot for both Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.

    Kofi Kingston hit the S.O.S. on The Miz, and looked to get the pin, but Del Rio mad the save.  This led to Miz hitting what was described as an "inverted DDT".  The tag was then made by Miz, bringing in R-Truth to beat down Kofi, and then the tag was made to bring in Del Rio, who mocked Kofi's taunt.  Another tag made to bring the Miz back in, the heel team getting plenty of play.

    Kofi made the tag to Mysterio, who came out and went to work on R-Truth.  Rey set up the 619 on not only Truth, but the Miz as well.  Morrison took out Del Rio with a spinning cross body to ringside, Kofi took out the Miz in similar fashion, and Mysterio got the pin on R-Truth.

    Match Rating:

    I really have no complaints about the match, it was pedal to the metal from start to finish. 8/10

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

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    These two massive WWE Superstars engaged immediately, with Sheamus laying a beating on the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  Henry finally countered by throwing Sheamus over the top rope, and then threw him from ringside back into the ring OVER THE TOP ROPE.  Massive show of strength by Mark Henry.

    Sheamus eats a clothesline, and struggles to get to his feet.  Henry tries for a pin, but Sheamus was having none of it.  Sheamus manages to avoid getting crushed by Henry, and momentum turned to the Irishman's favor. 

    A double clothesline brought both men to the mat after Sheamus' onslaught of offense.  Sheamus climbed the top rope, and clotheslined Henry, bringing the massive monster down.  The Brogue Kick missed for Sheamus, and Henry went for a body slam, only to have Sheamus slip away, and land a Brogue Kick that sent Henry tumbling through the ropes.  Sheamus followed to bring Henry into the ring, but Henry countered by driving Sheamus into the turnbuckle.  Henry then drove Sheamus through the ringside barricade, and returned to the ring.  Sheamus couldn't make it back to the ring before the 10 count, and Henry won via countout.

    Match Rating:

    This was another match that proved to hit all the right spots.  A great bout between two huge superstars, that allowed both men to show their strengths.  The finish also allows for the feud to be extended, so honestly, I have no complaints, and was thoroughly entertained!  8/10

WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

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    WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly came to the ring with Eve Torres, and Beth Phoenix was accompanied by Natalya.  There was a quick recap of Beth's heel turn, and the title bout was under way.

    The match was off to a quick start as Beth was looking around at the crowd, Kelly Kelly charged in.  A hurricanrana sent Beth to the apron, and Kelly Kelly kicked Beth to the floor and followed up with a clothesline of the top rope.  Once returning to the ring, Beth began to take control.

    Beth began to really get the better of Kelly Kelly, mocking her "stinkface" move, and then choking her.  Kelly Kelly battled her way to her feet, only to be lifted by Beth, and put in a submission.  Kelly Kelly fought her way free, and hit a neckbreaker that allowed her to take control...for a moment.

    Beth countered by picking Kelly Kelly up and hanging her from the turnbuckle, and slamming her head into the bottom turnbuckle.  Kelly Kelly managed to counter with a roll up, but Beth kicked out.  After avoiding a boot to her ever so pretty face, Kelly Kelly slammed Beth's head into the mat, but was then countered as she went for a summersaulting attack to Beth who was in the corner.  Beth countered with a Glam Slam attempt, but Kelly Kelly countered with a roll up, and got the pin! 

    Match Rating:

    Not a bad divas match, but I do hope the quality continues to improve. 7/10

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    Daniel Bryan was getting worked by Wade Barrett early on, but Bryan was able to sneak in some submissions, including one that I've personally never seen him do before, and he turned it into a pin attempt.  Barrett kicked out, but Bryan established that he was fully intent on making this a fight.

    Bryan hit a running drop kick to Barrett who was in the corner, and Bryan followed up by attacking the legs of Barrett.  Bryan hit a great spot, as he ran up the turnbuckle and back flipped off the top rope as Barrett sent him to the corner.  Barrett followed up with a big side slam, and followed up with a submission attempt of his own.

    Bryan made a comeback, landing a big clothesline, but was brought down by a running attack by Barrett shortly after.  Barrett unleashed a barrage of knees on Bryan as he was tied in the ropes, with the crowd chanting "CM Punk" in approval.  A big boot to Bryan sends him flying from the apron. 

    Once returning back to the ring, Bryan avoids another submission attempt, and the back and forth continued. 

    After sending Barrett out of the ring, Bryan landed an amazing flying knee off of the apron, and Barrett dragged himself back to the ring, where Bryan then his a drop kick off the top rope.  Barrett kicked out of a pin, and began to score some offense of his own.  A series of leg kicks from Bryan sends Barrett to the mat, where Bryan then landed kicks to the chest, and a massive head kick to send Barrett face first to the mat.  A near fall for Bryan, Barrett made his way back to his feet and landed a running big boot.

    Barrett was going for his finish, but was countered with a Guillotine, as well as the LeBell Lock.  Barrett got a rope break, and shortly after, Barrett landed the Wasteland, and got the three count.

    Match Rating:

    At this point, I'm expecting all of these matches to be great, because this one didn't miss a beat as well.  This match may not have had the star power that some of the others do, but it was no less great. 8/10

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton (No Holds Barred)

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    Christian announces that Edge will be in his corner for this match, and the crowd goes NUTS for Edge as his music hits, and he comes to the ring.  The two friends embrace in the center of the ring.  Edge said that he felt like he was passing on the torch to Edge when he retired, and that he didn't agree with Teddy Long making the rematch with Orton immediately after he won the title.

    Edge then talked about how Christian complained, and then won the title back by DQ.  Edge says he did some heinous things, but he did it with style.  Christian is growing visibly upset.  Edge says he'll always be his best friend, but that he didn't know that his best friend would become what he is today (a whining, crying, moaning little...yeah).

    Edge leaves, and Orton made his entrance.  Rough night for Christian.

    As the match began, Christian still looked upset, and began talking to Orton.  They traded blows, the back and forth beginning.

    Worthy of note, during the extensive back and forth beginning of the match, Booker T mentioned that he believed Orton could be nastier, and more underhanded than Christian.  How's that for heel/face dynamic?

    When the two finally made their way out to ringside, Orton cleared the announce table, and looked to RKO Christian through the table.  Christian avoided, grabbed his title, and made a dash through the crowd.  Orton caught up, and brought Christian back towards the ringside area, stomping Christian's chest as he dragged him along.

    They returned to the ring, and Orton pounded away on Christian's skull.  Orton went to speak Christian as he stood in the corner, but Christian countered, throwing Orton into the steel post.  Christian grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring, and made his way into the ring and unloaded, the slap of each hit ringing out through the arena.  Christian choked Orton with the stick, but couldn't force a submission.

    Christian went for a pin, but only got a two count.  "Let's go Christian, Christian sucks" chants from the crowd.  Orton rolls up Christian, only for a two count though.  Christian hits a sidewalk slam, and grabs the kendo stick, climbing the ropes.  He jumps, swinging the stick, but Orton answers with a dropkick as Christian is coming down.

    Orton's lip is busted, he grabs the Kendo stick, but loses it after Christian kicks his way out of the corner.  Orton answering with a tackle and series of punches. Christian stands, avoids the hanging DDT, and looks to hit the Killswitch.  Orton counters.

    Orton looked for the punt, but Christian escaped to the ringside area.  Orton grabs a table from under the ring as Christian is laid out.  Two tables!  The crowd chanting "we want tables" and they're going to get them! 

    Orton threw one table into the ring, Christian sets up the other table outside of the ring.  Orton sets up a superplex from the top rope, Christian landing on the unset table inside the ring.  Orton sets the table up in the corner, as Christian tries to recover.  Christian counters as Orton goes to put him through the table.

    Christian set up the spear, but Orton avoided, looked to hit the RKO, but Christian countered as well, then threw Orton out of the ring.  Orton threw Christian into the steel steps, and then sets the steps up on the apron, looking to plant Christian into them.  Christian counters, slamming Orton head first into the steps.  Christian clears off the Spanish announce table, and blasts Orton with a monitor. 

    Christian mimics Orton's pounding of the mat, and calls for the RKO!  Christian goes for it, but it's countered, and Orton hits an RKO that puts Christian through the table.  Great spot!

    Christian crawls up the stairs, going into the ring.  Orton slides in as well, both men are absolutely exhausted.

    Christian hits the Killswitch after countering the RKO, but only gets a 2 count!  Christian grabs two chairs from ringside, and heads into the ring.

    Christian sets up a chair under Orton's head, and looks to hit Orton with the free chair, and spat in the face of Orton.  Orton escapes, and grabs the free chair.  Orton sends Christian out of the ring and through the table that was set up ringside.  Orton clears out the weapons under the ring, throwing everything in.  Two trash cans, a kendo stick.

    Orton put Christian through the table that was set in the corner with a vicious slam, and Orton grabs a Kendo stick, blistering Christian's back.  Christian escapes to the apron, but gets a hanging DDT into a trash can!  Orton is on fire, and has some blood on his face, which makes for a great scene.

    Orton began to pound the mat, but Christian answered with a kendo stick to the face.  Christian climbs the top rope, dives, but Orton counters with an RKO into the steel steps!  Orton pins Christian, and gets the three count!  Woah!

    Match Rating:

    I'm in awe of this event.  Christian and Orton have put on some great matches recently, but this one has to top them all.  9/10

WWE Championship Title Unification: John Cena vs. CM Punk, Referee Triple H

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    As the two champions are introduced, all cheers for Punk, mostly boos for Cena, and "CM Punk" chants start up immediately.  Triple H raises both titles in the center of the ring, and then pats down Punk and Cena.  The crowd is chanting CM Punk as loud as they can.

    They tie up early, the booth says that the chants are split down the middle, but in all honesty this crowd is about 90% in favor of Punk.

    Long feeling out process, feeling like an old school wrestling match.  Cena says he had Punk pinned, and Triple H didn't count.  Foreshadowing?  Head for Cena, Punk sends him into the ropes, but eats a shoulder tackle.  

    Shoulder tackle by Punk followed up with a pin, Cena kicks out quickly.  Choke by Punk now, Cena fighting it off.  Cena gets free, and hits a gutwrench suplex, followed by a one count.  Choke by Cena now, Punk gets to his feet, but Cena slams him, and goes back to the choke.

    Back to the standing position, Punk unleashes some knees in a muay thai clinch, and drops Cena.  Punk with the leg scissors, Cena counters, going for the STF, but Punk kicks him away.  Punk looking to suplex Cena from the apron back into the ring, Cena looks to counter, but Punk hits a neckbreaker on the ropes.  Cena crawling back to the ring, Punk resting in the ring.  Cena gets back in, and kicks out of a pin.

    Punk avoids a backdrop by Cena, and sends Cena into the ropes, and follows up with a flying knee, but Cena counters the bulldog!  Punk avoids a five knuckle shuffle, and gets Cena in a unique submission.  Cena counters with a modified STF, Punk then counters with another submission.  Cena looking like he's going out, but then he reverses the submission, getting Punk in a headlock!  Punk gets to the ropes, and they struggle to their feet.  Cena runs at Punk, Punk counters and sends Cena flying over the top ropes.  Punk follows up with a suicide dive that takes out Cena.  

    Triple H gets to a 9 count with both men outside of the ring, stops, and throws them both back in!  There goes the theory of having two champions when the night is over.

    The two trade blows in the center of the ring, Punk begins to get the better of Cena, but gets dropped with a dropkick.  Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, and avoids getting hit with the Attitude Adjustment rolling up Cena.  Cena kicks out, then Punk drops Cena with a head kick.

    Punk attempts the Go to Sleep, but it's countered, and Cena slams Punk, getting a two count afterword.  Cena climbs the top rope, but Punk drops him with the flying knee!  Bulldog by Punk off the ropes, followed up with a two count.  Cena sidesteps a springboard splash by Punk, and gets the STF on Punk.  After a struggle, Punk gets to the ropes.

    A sequence of attempted finishers between the two champions leads to an AA by Cena, but Punk kicks out at two.  Cena questions Triple H's count, but the count was legit.  Cena climbs to the top rope, the crowd boos.  Cena goes for the flying leg drop, but Punk avoids it, and hits the GTS!  Two count for Punk, and Punk questions Triple H.  Both men's knees are hurt after that sequence.
    Punk drags Cena towards a corner, and limps his way to the top rope.  Punk hits an elbow drop, but Cena kicks out after two!

    The crowd chants "Thank you Savage".  That's a beautiful SummerSlam moment.  Cena rolls up Punk, only getting a two count.  Cena unloads a series of punches, Punk counters with the flying knee.  He hits the GTS, and pins Cena!  Cena's foot is on the rope!  Triple H counts to three!!!  Punk celebrates, Cena tells Triple H.  The crowd is going nuts for Punk.  Cena is leaving the ring, Punk is sitting on the announce table.  The celebration continues for Punk.

    Punk stares down Triple H, who is saying he called it down the middle.  He won't shake Triple H's hand, but has his hand raised, declaring him the winner.  Is it over?  Kevin Nash!!!  Kevin Nash hits the powerbomb, leaving Punk crushed in the ring.  Nash bails through the crowd, Triple H watches him leave.  Alberto Del Rio enters the ring, and is cashing in the Money in the Bank contract.

    Head kick by Del Rio, and Del Rio gets the three count!  Triple H looks shell shocked.  Alberto Del Rio is celebrating, Triple H is question the ref that Del Rio brought with him.  The show comes to a close, and it appears that tomorrow night, Alberto Del Rio will take on Rey Mysterio on Raw! 

    Match Rating:

    Good match, not quite the same atmosphere as Money in the Bank, but it was another match where both men brought the best out of one another. 9/10