WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Biggest Draws in the Company

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WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Biggest Draws in the Company

No matter what sporting event you go to, whether it be MLB, NFL or WWE, there has to be a select few performers who you will pay good money to see.

If you are at a 50/50 split on whether you should buy a ticket, these are the superstars that will push you to go. 

Now, not all WWE superstars can "draw" you into the event, pun intended. If the advertised main event is Evan Bourne vs. Drew Mcyntire, or Ted Dibiase vs. Tyson Kidd, you aren't going to be as excited as say, the main event was Randy Orton vs. John Cena

It takes a lot to be considered a top draw, you have to have the look, you have to have good mic and wrestling ability, and most importantly, you have to be extremely charismatic. Charisma is what separates the Heath Slaters from the CM Punks. 

CRITERIA: You must be on the roster, so you won't find The Rock on this list. You must be an everyday superstar, so you won't find The Undertaker on the list. And you can't be a backstage rep, so you won't find Triple H or Vince McMahon on this list either.

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