WWE: The 5 Things WWE Is Doing Right and Wrong

David FisherContributor IIIAugust 13, 2011

WWE: The 5 Things WWE Is Doing Right and Wrong

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    Hey readers!

    In my last article, I did a list of 5 things I thought TNA were doing right and wrong to show I wasn't biased towards WWE.

    So to prove that even more, here's a list of five things I believe WWE are doing right and wrong.

    I'm fairly sure the man in the picture isn't gonna care what I say, but here you go.

Right 1) Keeping Us Guessing

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    This is one of the last things we saw to end WWE Money in the Bank 2011: CM Punk blowing a goodbye kiss to Vince Mcmahon as he left the WWE with the WWE Championship.

    Before Money in the Bank, the general consensus among people within the IWC was that CM Punk was going to be screwed out of the WWE Title in some way either by a Chicago Screwjob (which WWE teased) or a Money in the Bank cash in (which WWE also teased).

    This didn't happen and I was shocked by the end of Money in the Bank and delighted that WWE pulled the wool away from everyone's eyes, giving us something we didn't predict because we didn't think it would happen: John Cena losing clean.

    Other times we've been kept guessing are with the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match. No one predicted Daniel Bryan to win even if we all wanted it, and also now as we come up to SummerSlam, people are giving us their predictions and the general feeling is Triple H screwing somebody over.

    We will have to wait and see on that, but right now I'm pleased that the WWE is doing a good job at surprising us every once in a while.

    I mean, even Wrestlemania 27 threw up a surprise now and again. Did you think Undertaker was going to be destroyed by Triple H and scrape a victory? Did you think The Miz would leave WWE champion? Did you think Alberto Del Rio was going to lose?.

    The two PPVs before Money in the Bank were duds because we could predict what was going to happen. At Capitol Punishment, we knew Cena was going to win and at Over the Limit, we knew he was going to win.

    So now that no one knows for sure what's going to happen at the PPV, it gives everyone a reason to buy (cough).

Right 2) Making Triple H an Authority Figure

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    First off, it's great to see Triple H back on my TV screen. He is definitely a man who loves the wrestling business, and seeing him in his role of a COO definitely brings a breath of fresh air to his character.

    Giving Triple H the authority over the entire WWE is something to definitely be excited about for the simple reason that it's hard to predict what is going to happen. The Triple H character as a face was a badass who was also funny and entertaining for the crowd.

    However, the Triple H character as a heel was an egotistical, maniacal, self-absorbed, conceited, controlling asshole. Which begs the question, how long until we see that Triple H back with all the power?

    Back in 2000, we saw the McMahon/Helmsley era which saw Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon (back then they were only storyline married as opposed to now where they are really married) run the WWE the way they wanted to, throwing their weight around and going so far as to even fire superstars.

    Wrestling fans have long memories and WWE knows this. They wouldn't bring back The Rock if they didn't. So will we see the McMahon/Helmsley era done again in 2011?

    I don't know, and that's what is exciting with Triple H in power. It opens many realms of possibility that would get everyone talking.

Right 3) Building Up PPVs

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    Are you interested to see what happens this Sunday at SummerSlam? Are you excited?

    Now I'd like to clarify that I do think that WWE only announcing 5 matches before is a joke. I can appreciate that the whole event can be sold on the main event alone, but come on, WWE. Tell me what the money I'm paying is going towards because if I see Heath Slater or Great Khali in this PPV, I'm going to be annoyed.

    Still, of the matches WWE has announced, the event looks good.

    You have the two main events, obviously, which have been built up so well: Punk/Cena through promos and verbal sparring and Christian/Orton through Christian trying to worm his way out the match and trying to stay the hell out of Randy Orton's way.

    Sheamus/Henry should be interesting and any match with Daniel Bryan is worth a watch, and the Divas match is actually something to be anticipated if they decide to let Beth Phoenix carry Kelly Kelly to a decent match.

    WWE has always been good at building up their PPVs, even putting on their set how many weeks away it is. Something TNA was guilty of last year was treating their PPVs as an afterthought and giving all their attention to their matches on free TV. They've been better this year as have WWE, who goes as far as to try and get us excited about PPVs we really don't care about like Bragging Rights or Capitol Punishment.

    Overall though, WWE PPVs are well anticipated by the WWE universe, and superstars themselves do well to promote it on various media outlets and social networks.

Right 4) Giving Their Superstars Decent Entrances

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    In the picture, you see a WWE superstar driving out in an expensive Bentley at Wrestlemania 27. It's Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that. Del Rio at the time hadn't even been with WWE a year, yet he gets this kind of entrance at a Wrestlemania. That's impressive.

    Something that WWE does great is that all their superstars have their own entrance music, video, mannerisms and moves they do as they walk down the ramp. The arena may go different colours and we may even see some pyro.

    It does wonders for making this man who may just be coming out for a five-minute match look larger than life, and I believe that's the idea of being a WWE superstar.

    Wrestlemania is the best place to see grand entrances. My personal favourite from the last Wrestlemania was obviously Triple H, but that may just be because I love the song 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' by Metallica.

    Favourite Wrestlemania entrance of all time you say? Not now, but another time closer to Wrestlemania 28.

Right 5) Staying PG

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    Save the most controversial slide to last.

    Well, we can all speculate why WWE turned PG. Linda McMahon political campaign? Chris Benoit homicide? Well, Vince McMahon himself states it's because an MA rating turns sponsors away.

    This is a true fact, but that's not the reason WWE wanted to turn PG. If it was, then they must've had no idea of all the PG sponsors WWE could get and deals with family friendly companies like Mattel who wouldn't want to be associated with a company that locks two men in a giant steel cage and records as they fight to a bloody pulp.

    That's the reason I choose to believe that WWE saw an opportunity to clean up their programming for the sake of some lucrative sponsorship and business deals. Vince McMahon is a smart man.

    So why are they right to stay PG? Because to be honest, I'm not one of these fans who pine for the Attitude era. It had its time and was fun to watch, but so is the WWE we have now. Also, what has WWE done to turn PG?

    Banned chair shots to the head? Ohh no! Seriously though, that's a good thing.

    I don't want to see any more superstars get concussions and have their lives ruined. No more swearing or nudity? That's juvenile, anyway. Besides, we still get the odd bit of swearing if that's what you care about. Just like in a PG film.

    Also, I'm not a fan of the Divas being used as objects, but on the other hand at least back then they were being used.

    No blood? I admit blood can add another level to a great match, and it does suck that a match sometimes has to stop so that trainers can stop the blood flow, but when you see a man with his face covered in blood like Ric Flair used t...still does—Triple H used to do it too and Shawn Michaels—it can make uncomfortable viewing.

    As a kid it didn't bother me, but it did desensitize me to things like blood and gore that I'd later see in horror movies. Now is that good? For me, yes it was, but for somebody else, who knows? That's why I understand why WWE doesn't want kids to see blood anymore because pro wrestling isn't a bloodsport, simple as that.

Wrong 1) Putting Developmental Talent on TV Too Quickly

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    My first thing that I believe WWE is doing wrong is putting their developmental talent on TV too soon.

    The show NXT is the main culprit here. The first season was a pretty novel idea and produced some interesting superstars for the future like Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel and Skip Sheffield. The second season as well introduced us to Alex Riley, Mike Mcgillicutty and Husky Harris, but from then on, it hasn't been worth watching (apart from maybe AJ Lee).

    NXT has been bad for some superstars' careers like Darren Young, Eli Cottonwood, Titus O'Neill and the majority of wrestlers from season 4 (heres a quick fun game: how many can you remember?).

    A show like this makes the poor green superstars who are still learning and have been in WWE's developmental territory look silly as they go through a multitude of ridiculous challenges to become a "WWE Superstar".

    It makes any weaknesses they may have glaringly obvious, and when they mess up we find it funny. This is many of the performers' first time on live TV, and while some relish it, others crumble like Eli Cottonwood's infamous moustache promo or how this is...Michael Mcgillicutty's...moment.

    The main problem is when the performers eventually do make it to television, we aren't going to take them seriously. If Eli Cottonwood makes it to the main roster and is trying to be sold to me as a dangerous monster, I will laugh at my TV screen.

    Also, it's interesting to note how the WWE doesn't care about NXT. The "prize" at the end in the first season was a world title shot which Wade Barrett used at Night of Champions...or Bragging Rights.

    The "prize" at the end of second season was a shot at any title I believe so naturally season 2's winner Kaval chose an IC title shot at Survivor Series (obviously).

    Season 3 I believe the prize was just a spot on the main roster and on Season 4, the prize was a tag team shot with your pro, which winner Johnny Curtis never used.

Wrong 2) Not Building Enough Main Event Level Superstars

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    Over the past two years, WWE has had a major issue: they've been losing their main event talent.

    Batista left after Over the Limit unsatisfied with the company's direction, Shawn Michaels retired, Chris Jericho wanted to pursue other projects in his life, Triple H got injured then started to be groomed for one day running the company, and Edge was forced to retire after an injury.

    It's no wonder WWE fought hard to keep CM Punk in the WWE. They just have John Cena and Randy Orton as established main event talent, and to me that's nobody's fault but their own. WWE had plenty of opportunity to build someone new up to that level.

    The Miz was WWE champion, but did you ever really believe he wasn't going to lose his title back to John Cena at any moment? The reason the picture is of Jack Swagger is because I was disgusted at how he was treated. He won the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 26 and cashed it in on the next Smackdown, when only the previous few weeks he was jobbing to Santino Marella.

    He always looked like he was going to lose the belt and when he did, then they gave him the Anklelock as a devastating submission that could beat someone like the Big Show (why not give him it while he's champion and have him win at Over the Limit? Or does that make too much sense?).

    After Jack lost the title, he never looked like getting it back, which is a shame as I really rate him as a hard worker who has a lot of talent and a great look.

    He could've been a decent Kurt Angle imitation. Instead, he's not even a good Jack Swagger.

Wrong 3) Giving Away PPV Quality Matches on Free TV

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    This one really annoys me. Last week on Raw, we saw a prime example of this.

    The night after Extreme Rules on Raw, John Morrison was attacked by R-Truth and put on the shelf (in reality Morrison was recovering from neck surgery) after a teased return before Money in the Bank, in which Morrison was attacked and put out for another few weeks.

    He made his comeback after Money in the Bank and attacked R-Truth. That sounds like an exciting showdown between Morrison and Truth to come at SummerSlam, right? Wouldn't you want to see if Morrison gets his revenge?

    Well, you didn't need to wait because WWE showed it for free last week on Raw, and Truth won giving Morrison no revenge, making him look like an idiot.

    This tells me that either they really want to put Truth over as a force to be reckoned with, they really don't like John Morrison and could potentially be releasing him soon, or both!

    The other thing I hate is when the night after a PPV they show the exact same match again on Raw. Like the night after Survivor Series last year where Wade Barrett faced Randy Orton again for the title, or I remember back after a Cyber Sunday where Batista beat Chris Jericho and won the title, only to lose it back to Jericho the next night on Raw in a steel cage.

    Why give him the title? Couldn't you wait till the next PPV? What were you thinking?!!

Wrong 4) Too Many 3 Hour Raws

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    A three-hour Raw should be seen as a special thing; a time when only the best matches are shown and the whole roster is there and we see some key showdowns and epic matches.

    I believe during the month of June, there was three three-hour Raws in a row! That is ridiculous and the worst thing was they weren't any good. They were terrible actually.

    I hate it when they do a viewer's choice or power to the people Raw. A Raw roulette show is also a joke. Whenever there's a draft, it's interesting to watch and the Slammys as well. The only one I remember liking was the Old School Raw. That was a good, fun show.

    But seriously, WWE. I really don't mind you putting Raw on for three hours (or two and a half with commercials). Just make it something I'd actually want to watch and do around four a year: one for the draft, one for the Slammys and the other two for any stupid idea you might have.

    Also, what is the three-hour Raw usually consisted of? Normally one 10-minute match, while the rest is filler and stupid segments and a three-minute Divas tag match.

Wrong 5) Not Giving Their Superstars Enough Creatively

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    That is the Masterpiece Chris Masters when he first joined the WWE. He was a cocky heel with a devastating submission and an intriguing question: Could anyone break the Masterlock?

    He got released last week and it was no surprise. Why? Because the WWE creative team wasn't using him for anything other than matches on Superstars.

    Vladimir Kozlov was a mysterious Russian with martial arts training and an undefeated streak when he arrived. Then he teamed with Santino Marella and was funny, but now he's gone too.

    There was a time when every superstar on the WWE roster either had a storyline or a gimmick, and right now a lot of superstars don't have either.

    What's Evan Bourne's gimmick? He can do a shooting star press? So could Billy Kidman, so what? He needs a gimmick!

    How about Justin Gabriel? He's South African, so what? Ezekiel Jackson's Guyanese. That's much more exotic as a lot of people don't even know where it is (South America if you didn't know, but I'm sure you do); your nationality isn't a gimmick.

    Come on, creative team, give your talent something to do. Give them a reason to be around.

    You can do it. Cody Rhodes was the most generic looking superstar I'd ever seen. He was like the default on the Create a Superstar feature on my SmackDown vs Raw game, yet you gave him a mask and look at him now. He's a deranged, maniacal, conniving villain who thinks everyone's ugly and puts paper bags over people's heads. That's something new. Something different.

    Also, let superstars choose what to do with their own gimmicks. Nobody cared about Zack Ryder a year ago, and now thanks to an internet show and some funny sketches, everyone can't get enough of him.

    Come on, WWE creative team. Do something other than give John Cena the world title. He's had it 12 times. That's enough. Try building some new exciting superstars like you're supposed to.


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    Well that's it for another article.

    Please do not hesitate to leave your opinions on the slideshow in the comments section.

    I give you another obscure Intercontinental Champion in Billy Gunn.

    He was champion for 19 days.

    He beat Eddie Guerrero for the title.

    He lost it to Chris Benoit.

    He once nearly got married to a man who loves to do up motorcycles called Chuck Palumbo. It explains why he's an ass man.