WWE: John Cena's Character Is Slowly Fading Away in Todays WWE

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 13, 2011

John Cena had been the face of the company for a long time.

He has always been in the spotlight and main events for the titles. The majority of the IWC has hated him for it, because of his lack of move sets (five moves of doom), his predictability and the fact for a long time he has been a walking symbol for WWE's "PG-Era."

Cena was someone the IWC looked at and saw how great he could be, if he could change up his style or turn heel. Cena himself is great on the mic, his personality is funny to be around and he is a leader in the locker room.

But he got boring. The IWC grew tired of seeing the same old "Super Cena" crap to end the major PPV's of the year. It was a relief for the Rock to get involved and not end Wrestlemania with it.

WWE made him the face of the company when many below him had worked just as hard to get nothing, and/or get released because the WWE creative team had nothing for them. 

Since HHH has taken reign however, that has seemed to start to fade away.

HHH has gone with a storyline that has taken the wrestling world by storm, with CM Punk leading the way along with Cena and Vince. The Super Cena parade has stopped and reality has set in.

That reality has caused the IWC see lots of change in the WWE. People are getting pushed when they have not before and they've shown belts and division are going to be revamped—and there has been an overall growth of interest in wrestling. 

There is now unpredictably when it comes to RAW and the PPV's. That is something that has been absent in WWE for the previous five or six years. 

With all of that said, how is Cena fading away from WWE?

He does not have anything going for him after Wrestlemania, hence the word choice.  He is slowly fading away.

Cena has shown his can wrestle in the ring, that he does not have to be predictable and can be on the same level as Punk. He proved most of that at the MITB and on RAW this past week, with one of the best promos of this great feud.

However, that will not last for him. Once Survivor Series rolls around he will be embroiled with The Rock until Wrestlemania.

When that is over, what will Cena be?  

WWE will have nothing for him after that. Who is he going to feud with? What is his style going to be? 

WWE is heading in a new direction and the IWC sees it coming. The style Cena is sporting now is NOT going to fly in WWE's new era. He cannot come out, do his "five moves of doom", leave, and expect WWE to be okay with it anymore.

John Cena needs to reinvent himself to stay relevant in the WWE. He needs to change his style, his attitude, and most importantly the way he carries himself in the company. 

Cena needs to do that before The Rock feud is over as well because people do not just change overnight unless it is a heel turn. 

If he does not, Cena will start to fade. Yes, he will have fans and the WWE as well, but he will not have originality, character, or support of any kind. People may be asking, "What is the difference between that and now?" 

The difference now is no matter how much the IWC does not like Cena the wrestler, they know that as a person he is great.

They respect him.

If he continues with the way he is now, after Wrestlemania he will not have respect anymore. It will show he does not want to get with the program and that Cena as a wrestler has no hope in ever being something greater than he is now. 

Cena has shown that he can do many things the IWC thought he could not. If Cena does not continue that and keep changing, he will fade away. He will be a consistent reminder of a wrestler who could have always been bigger, better and more deserving of being the face of the company.

I am waiting for the day that the Cena of the future shows up and not the Cena of today. Today will pass and become the past. If Cena does not change that is where he will always be. Passed his fame, passed his respect, passed his prime and without dignity. I want Cena to change so the IWC can see a better Cena. 

All of that will be up to Cena. It is in his hands. I hope he chooses what is right and not what is safe.

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Peace! Hope you all enjoyed!