WWE Panorama: 5 Dimensions of the Pro Wrestling

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WWE Panorama: 5 Dimensions of the Pro Wrestling

Pro wrestling has been a polarizing “sport” throughout its rich history. While many people have fallen in love with this business for lifetime, society has normally detested it.

A majority of the society is not even completely aware of this industry. People think that it is only violence, and that too fake. It further allows people to deride the fans of pro wrestling.

I myself had a little experience past week, which bemused me. One of my friends and an admirable critique of my writing flatly refused to call my work on bleacher report “writing.” According to her, only demented people could be fans of such a wicked sport. Hence, being a pro wrestling writer must have made me a cannibal in her eyes.

Given the relationship writers and critiques share, I let the debate go at that point. However, it made me introspect.

While we can quarrel with these people all day long, we have to realize that some content of WWE and extremely hard-core promotions have always created false notions about the true nature of pro wrestling. It has often come across as sexually explicit, ultra-violent and morally bankrupt pastime.

Unfortunately the truth cannot be farther from that, and that is what needs to be highlighted.

My encounter with my friend confirmed my belief that people need to be shown a different side of pro wrestling, a side that stands for everything that is right with the business. We must underline those factors that have enamored the most sensible and sensitive connoisseurs amongst us.

We must acquaint people with the Art of Pro Wrestling.

Calling pro wrestling an art may cause a little bit of stir, however I will stick to what I believe. We will explore it through five stages.

  • 1. Wrestling as an art and expression
  • 2. Medium of the art
  • 3. Wrestlers - the divine artistes
  • 4. Fans - the Connoisseurs 
  • 5. Wrestling - An Addictive Experience

Thus without any further ado, let us indulge in the divine elements of pro wrestling.

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