Rodney Stuckey Is The Real Answer In Detroit

James Anthony FieldsContributor INovember 11, 2008

For all that is worth my trouble, I honestly thought Allen Iverson was going to be "the answer" for the Detroit Piston's woes.

Finally, the Pistons received the missing piece to the puzzle that has reached six conference finals, with only one championship and two Finals appearances to show for it.

But to my dismay, the Detroit Pistons have only accumulated two losses since trading for "The Answer." So, my question is simply: Whose the "Answer" now?

And honestly, I think the real answer has been right under our noses from the very beginning and he's actually the reason for Chancey Billups being traded to Denver, in the first place...the real answer to the Piston's problems is Rodney Stuckey; He is the true answer.

And it is my belief that Michael Curry and Joe Dumars should seriously consider moving  Iverson to the bench in order to start and develop their young, but budding superstar, Rodney Stuckey.

There is no question about it, Stuckey is the future for the Detroit Pistons and the Pistons should consider moving Allen Iverson to the bench for the following reasons:

1.) Iverson is at the end of his career. Less minutes will allow him the opportunity  to be fresher for the playoffs. Let's be real, this is a one shot deal with Iverson and the Pistons. Dumars is expecting to win a championship this year.   

2.) Iverson's contract will expire at the end of this season; therefore, Stuckey needs to get in the flow of maintaining starter minutes, now.  

3.) Iverson is a combo-guard; he can play either the point or shooting guard; therefore, he would be able to come in for either Stuckey or Richard Hamilton.

4.) Iverson would be a great addition to the Piston's core bench of younger players; the Pistons have not had a dynamic scorer from the bench since Vinny "the Microwave" Johnson and the 89-90 "Bad Boys". Just imagine 22.4 ppg, no team in the league would be able to compare.

5.) Iverson would instantly be the top sixth man in the league and Detroit's bench would immediately become the best, if not one of the best benches in the league.      

Now, I know what you're thinking. I am getting too far ahead of myself, it's early in the season and the Pistons have only lost two games, thus far. 

Yes, this is true. But we must also consider the fact that the within the last two games, the Detroit Pistons have lost not only two games, but two consecutive games (one to a worthy contender—the Boston Celtics and another who is not so worthy—the New Jersey Nets).

But, its not the fact that they lost, but the manner in which they lost. In the first game in New Jersey, granted Iverson scored 24 points, but his opponent, Devin Harris scores over 30 points against him and even gets Iverson into foul trouble. 

In his second game, Iverson scores only 10 points, but the worst part about it is that they weren't just out played by the Boston Celtics, they were out-scored, as well.

I thought that was the solution that "the answer" would bring to this team? Offensive consistency. In my humble opinion, in order to salvage the rest of their season, the Pistons need to start Stuckey at the point and place Iverson on the bench. If not, we will definitely find out whose not "the answer."