Why Does the IWC Detest John Cena?

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Why Does the IWC Detest John Cena?
John Cena...when shall my hate cease?

Ah, John Cena. The bare mention of his name leads to all sorts of different reactions. Love from the ladies, adoration from the little ones, and pure hate from most of the IWC and the entire WWE heel roster. Kayfabe, of course.

Anyway, one of the major reasons this guy remains among the more intriguing wrestlers on contract today is the range of differing feelings he can draw from the audience in the arena to the fans watching at home. He's supposed to be a babyface, but his detractors are loud and relentless. Simply, they will not be ignored.

So why am I writing this article, you ask?

Well, most of the members of the IWC do not like Cena's in-ring character, and are very vocal about it. However, I believe that while our reasons are very reasonable as to why we detest Cena, these reasons have been twisted and distorted, creating very different myths about the IWC's feelings for this man.

As a result I, Jo-Jo, have decided to be the voice of the not-so-voiceless and debunk any myths surrounding the Internet Wrestling Community and Mr. Cena. Hopefully, you will be entertained and informed.

In the vein of Cena's patented five moves of doom, I will be sharing five aforementioned myths, and the real truths about these various myths. So, let's get started.

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