Why Does the IWC Detest John Cena?

Jo-Jo CarvinContributor IIIAugust 13, 2011

Why Does the IWC Detest John Cena?

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    Ah, John Cena. The bare mention of his name leads to all sorts of different reactions. Love from the ladies, adoration from the little ones, and pure hate from most of the IWC and the entire WWE heel roster. Kayfabe, of course.

    Anyway, one of the major reasons this guy remains among the more intriguing wrestlers on contract today is the range of differing feelings he can draw from the audience in the arena to the fans watching at home. He's supposed to be a babyface, but his detractors are loud and relentless. Simply, they will not be ignored.

    So why am I writing this article, you ask?

    Well, most of the members of the IWC do not like Cena's in-ring character, and are very vocal about it. However, I believe that while our reasons are very reasonable as to why we detest Cena, these reasons have been twisted and distorted, creating very different myths about the IWC's feelings for this man.

    As a result I, Jo-Jo, have decided to be the voice of the not-so-voiceless and debunk any myths surrounding the Internet Wrestling Community and Mr. Cena. Hopefully, you will be entertained and informed.

    In the vein of Cena's patented five moves of doom, I will be sharing five aforementioned myths, and the real truths about these various myths. So, let's get started.

Myth #1: We Hate John Beause He Cannot Wrestle

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    Cena has proven time and again over the past few weeks that he does know more than five wrestling moves. While many naive people would prefer to attribute the beautiful Money in the Bank main event to only Punk, we will be lying if we said Cena did not bring his A-game to that match. Since then, Cena has tried to wrestle good matches, trying out grapples, reversals and the like.

    Now, if we think Cena can actually wrestle, why does his in-ring work bother us so much?

    Well, it's because Cena is usually complacent.

    The man is so over with the crowd that it seems he doesn't feel the need to entertain us anymore. He doesn't even try and make the match interesting to watch. He takes the 'Mysterio approach' - let your opponent show off how good they are for 30 minutes, then make them look like total wusses in two minutes.

    Only thing is, it is more effective with Mysterio because of his stature. The fans can fully get behind him because they believe it would be hard for Mysterio to battle someone like The Miz based on strength. Not that I like the approach even when Mysterio takes it (I actually hate it), but I'm just saying.

    However, the IWC expects Cena, with his build, to at least give us a good, back-and-forth match. And when he doesn't, we are peeved.

    Truth: John Cena is simply complacent.

Myth #2: We Hate John Because He Panders to the Little Kids

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    Not necessarily. I mean, why would anyone be mad at kids for loving John? They're just kids. They see him, and they're happy. That's how many wrestlers made me feel when I was younger, and so I have nothing against these children.

    The problem is, the WWE (not Cena per se) seems to want to pander to the kids and casual fans so much that we, the real fans, the ones who made the WWE what it is today are completely overlooked.

    Until the rebirth of CM Punk, a person who shares our ideologies, we members of the IWC were treated like we did not exist. Our favorite Superstars were not pushed. Some didn't appear on TV for weeks on end. The Divas division was nothing short of unfortunate. Basically, our feelings did not matter.

    However, the little kids got to sing their tiny hearts out all day because, no matter what, it would always be about John Cena. In time, our irritation in seeing Cena take up so much programming time when there were numerous misused talents in the locker room made the IWC turn on him in utter frustration.

    Since it is easier to blame one man than an entire company, Cena was the easy bait.

    It really has nothing to do with the kids. It is more about the WWE and the fact that their entire program only seemed geared towards pleasing the casual fans.

    Truth: The WWE continued to push John Cena to entertain the casual fans, forgetting to cater to those who really care. 

Myth #3: We Hate John Because He Is Portrayed as Invincible

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    Well, this is only partly true. The IWC definitely detests the fact that Cena seems to never lose clean, but Goldberg was booked as practically invisible, and people loved him. Brock Lesnar also seemed virtually unstoppable, and we still miss him to this day.

    But why do these men matter more than Cena? Because they were much better than Cena. As are many people under contract today, in my opinion.

    Backstage, there are a number of wrestlers who are much more exceptional than Cena. Whether they're better on the microphone, or have better gimmicks or can wrestle better, I believe there is a good deal of people that surpass John Cena, or have the potential to do so. 

    And what does the WWE do? Stick them in the ring and essentially pass this message to the audience: no one is better than John Cena. No one.

    Even though many superior pro wrestlers claw their way to the top, losing sweat and blood in the process, in the end, the audience comes out with the idea that they are nowhere near Cena's caliber.

    And that is the problem.

    I personally believe CM Punk is better than Cena. I believe Wade Barrett is better than Cena. I believe The Miz is better than Cena...both gimmick-wise and on the mic.

    After watching his match with Rey for the WWE Championship a couple weeks ago, I can go as far as to say that The Miz is beginning to show more in-ring prowess than Cena.

    However, all these guys have been buried one time or the other by our resident Superman. And this is what we hate. This is what the IWC truly detests.

    Truth: Cena is portrayed as better than people who are actually better than him.

Myth #4: We Hate Cena for Refusing to Put People over

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    Not correct. In fact, Cena tries to put people over from time to time. However, the truth is much more than you think.

    The Miz held the WWE Championship for five months earlier this year, the longest since Triple H in 2008. It was generally a very interesting reign. Then Cena regains at Extreme Rules. Not that we were not expecting it. However, this is where I'm going.

    At Over the Limit 2011, Cena and The Miz participated in an "I Quit" match. After taking a severe beating from The Miz and Alex Riley, it appeared The Miz had won. However, the referee restarts the match, and Cena dispatched of both men in less than five minutes.

    The Miz was made to look like a girl, a weak competitor. Months of making The Miz look like a legitimate threat...down the drain. Now, Creative has to start from the bottom up, as Mike Mizanin hasn't regained very much momentum after that loss.

    When The Nexus debuted, they constantly beat John Cena to within an inch of his life. Truly entertaining TV, that was. But during their first PPV match at SummerSlam 2010, The Nexus lost to Team WWE in a case of unfortunate booking. It was really destined to lose steam after that.

    John Cena does put people over. What he doesn't know is that he buries them just as quickly, ultimately squeezing all momentum out of them since he is booked to look like a wrestling god who completely crushes the competition. And as a result, the IWC dislikes him. And rightfully so.

    Truth: Cena buries opponents just as fast as he puts them over.

Myth #5: We Hate Cena Because We Naturally Prefer Heels

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    Now, I do know the IWC members actively cheer for heels because we base our favorites on who can deliver rather than on who is face or heel. From R-Truth to Cody Rhodes to Christian, the WWE heels of today are hard workers and most of them have big fans within the IWC.

    However, we do not hate Cena because his character is a babyface. No, we hate Cena because his character is one-dimensional and stale. One-dimensional characters do not fly with the IWC.

    The reason why we like morally ambiguous characters like Stone Cold and Punk is because of their unpredictability. I even think Randy Orton is more bearable than Cena because he can snap at any moment and that is rather fun to see.

    Cena, on the other hand, builds his character around this 'hustle, loyalty, respect' mantra that is not only goofy, but leads to nothing but total predictability.

    Judging from Cena's mention of his 'heel persona' on Monday, I am led to believe that the man thinks we just want him to turn heel because we normally cheer for heels. Not at all.

    We want Cena to turn heel because it would do wonders for his character. But of course, we can't have the seven year-olds crying themselves to sleep because their hero nailed a con-chair-to on Kofi Kingston, can we?

    Take a look at the embedded video - a little montage to when Cena was heel. And when you're done, I dare you to say that Cena wasn't more interesting then than he is now.

    Truth: Cena's gimmick is boring and has dragged on for too long.


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    And so there it is, the real reasons why we think John Cena can stuff it. The comment section is open to anyone willing to comment, including John Cena marks, of course.

    If anyone feels they have a better explanation for any points I made above, or disagrees with me in any way, you are free to state your views below.

    Thank you for reading and until next time, I am Jo-Jo, and I'm not that damn good.