WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 Reasons Wade Barrett Will Be Victorious This Sunday

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIIAugust 13, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: 5 Reasons Wade Barrett Will Be Victorious This Sunday

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    For Wade Barrett 2011 has been quite a year to forget. Ever since leaving Nexus and moving to Smackdown, it's been nothing but a downhill plunge filled with pointless title reigns and that horrible Corre Stable. 

    Barrett desperately needs to get back on track. The man is actually a very talented guy and is being horribly misused right now in the lower mid-card. It wasn't too long ago that the winner of the first season of NXT was headlining PPVs and leading the most powerful stable in recent WWE history. He was even heavily rumored to face The Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania, one of the highest honors a young wrestler like him could possibly achieve.

    SummerSlam may just be the place that he starts his way back to the top. Barrett's starting to develop a very nice feud with Mr. Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan, and if all goes well, this should be a nice stepping stone back into relevancy. 

    Hopefully the WWE hasn't given up on Mr. Barrett completely, and if they allow him to snag a win this Sunday, there will be nothing but good things on the horizon for the once main eventer. 

    Here are a few reasons why I think a Wade Barrett victory isn't just necessary, it's also almost a guarantee. 

1. Allows a Good Feud to Further Develop

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    The current Barrett-Bryan feud certainly has tons of potential to grow into something very entertaining. Both of them are around a year into their WWE stints, and are possible future main eventers. The potential for these two are through the roof, and there's nothing better than watching two of the WWEs future stars fight each other on their way to the top.

    However, if Barrett can't get a win on Sunday, he'll go right back down the ladder, and any momentum that this rivalry could have had would completely disappear.

    Seriously, if Bryan goes into Sunday, lays down his LaBell Lock on Barrett and captures a victory, then what? Where would the WWE go from there? What reasoning would Barrett have to even continue this feud, unless he comes up with some lame excuse that no one wants to hear to begin with? At that point he'll just come across as weak and desperate. Barrett needs this victory not just for his momentum, but to simply give him something to do on Smackdown.

    If Barrett can win, this feud can definitely continue to grow, and the stakes just may get a little higher as weeks turn into months.

    Which leads me to my next slide... 

2. Sets Up Bryan vs. Barrett for the Briefcase

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    Since last month, all Barrett has talked about is how Bryan robbed him of what is rightfully his—the Money In The Bank briefcase. It's clear that Barrett thinks he should be the one right now headlining the next WrestleMania. Something big just might be brewing between these two young superstars, and it'll get bigger if Barrett can pull out a win this Sunday at SummerSlam.

    If Barrett wins, then he'll definitely continue to run his mouth, and if it all works out in his favor, he could be battling Bryan for that coveted briefcase very soon.

    Whether or not he wins or loses that match, Barrett will at least be involved in a solid feud that will make him a relevant name again in the WWE.

    It may even catapult him back into the title picture.

3. Could Lead to a Major Push for Barrett

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    Remember this picture? Yes, there was a time when Wade Barrett actually headlined main events. There was a time when Barrett was in line for WWE Champion, and in many ways his championship reign seemed pretty inevitable. 

    Unfortunately, Barrett never could get past more established superstars like Cena and Orton, and as soon as 2011 started, he was exiled from Nexus by CM Punk and was shipped to Smackdown.

    The move to Friday nights seemed like a pretty good call at first. Smackdown definitely needed a up-and-comer like Barrett on the roster. However, instead of being in the title picture like he was on Raw, Barrett continued to fade more and more into obscurity on the blue brand.

    Sure, he was the IC champion only a few months ago, but like other recent champs, the reign was horribly executed, and he quickly dropped the belt to Big Zeke in a forgettable match.

    Now, without a stable or a title, Barrett is in trouble of losing any credibility he once had. Unless, of course, he can defeat a huge fan favorite like Daniel Bryan.

    Defeating Bryan will immediately put Wade Barrett back in the spotlight, and if he can draw enough heat and continue on this rivalry, he just might impress the right people.

    Barrett already has solid mic skills and will probably carry most of this feud in that sense if the WWE allows it to continue. He's obviously nowhere near the skill level where Bryan is in the ring, but then again, who is? Barrett can definitely hold his own, however, and that's all that matters.

    Now, all he has to do on Sunday is win. If he does that, it's a big possibility that by 2012, he'll be back in the main event scene. 

4. Heels Need a Good Win on Sunday

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    If you look at SummerSlam's current card, there are certainly some very big matches. Both Punk-Cena and Orton-Christian are huge title matches, which have been built up beautifully. There's very little doubt at this point that SummerSlam won't be a success.

    Still, if one actually does a breakdown of each match, it's clear that tons of faces are in line for a victory this Sunday. Superface Orton has an excellent chance of getting his title back in his no-holds-barred match, and there's no way to even pick a heel in the Punk-Cena showdown. With two faces probably winning world titles on Sunday, things definitely have to be shaken up in the lower card. 

    Sheamus, Smackdown's newest face, has been rolling as of late and a loss to Mark Henry would be very unfortunate to his development and confusing to critics. There's also a good chance we might see a few surprise matchups like Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler for the US Title, and if that happens I completely expect Riley to come out victorious due to his growing popularity. Finally, although Beth Phoenix should win on Sunday, its impossible to ever predict a divas match in such a crazy division. Sadly, Kelly Kelly actually has a good chance of winning. 

    I'm sure we'll also see Big Zeke get his rematch against Cody Rhodes for the IC title, and unless the WWE wants to confuse us all, Rhodes is definitely leaving with his strap. So at least that's one heel victory.

    That leaves Barrett and Bryan. If Bryan wins, then this match with simply go down as another victory for a fan favorite. The crowd will cheer and then move on.

    But if Barrett can squeak by with a victory, somewhat cleanly, it will certainly bring a little more unpredictability to an already exciting PPV event.  

5. Barrett NEEDS a PPV Win

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    When it comes to PPV events, Wade Barrett's patience has to be running thin. Since his debut with Nexus more than a year ago, Barrett has done nothing but fail at every PPV he's been in.

    According to The Internet Wrestling Database, Barrett is a mind-numbingly 2-11 at PPVs in his career, with his one win being by DQ at Bragging Rights after Cena interfered. So technically, he has only gotten one legitimate victory at a PPV in 13 tries. Wow.

    That sort of pattern simply can't continue for a talent like Barrett. He has been involved in some terrible losses over the last few months, including a massacre at WrestleMania with his Corre cronies, and losing his IC title to Ezekiel Jackson at Capitol Punishment 

    If the WWE wants Barrett to have any kind of future in this company, they'll start giving him some wins at some major events. If not, expect the second half of 2011 to be just as bad as his first half.

    Hopefully, Sunday will be the start of a nice little win streak. 


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    Bryan vs. Barrett this Sunday has the potential to really steal the show. This rivalry has been a longtime coming for these two former NXT competitors, and it'll be very interesting to see where the WWE goes with these two young stars. Both men bring their own specific style to the table, and with the right booking, this could be a surprisingly good match.

    Hopefully this match means a little more for Barrett than it does for Bryan. A victory here for Barrett would go a long way with putting him back in the spotlight, and may silence a couple critics here or there.

    Wade Barrett is in desperate need of a win streak, and hopefully the WWE hasn't given up on him completely because there certainly is a ton of potential in him. He's proved that already last year.

    Wade Barrett will, and MUST win this Sunday at SummerSlam, or he'll continue to fall deeper and deeper into obscurity. For the former leader of the once powerful Nexus, his comeback just may begin at the biggest event of the summer.