Titans Draft: Tennessee Needs at Running Back

RealFootball365.comSenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2008

In spite of his brutish size and power, Titans go-to back LenDale White was stopped cold at or very near the line of scrimmage far more often than not. Too many times he headed directly into a crowd and not cut away toward the sideline in 2007. Maybe that's his running style; nothing wrong with that. But it's not very successful in Nashville. So maybe the club needs to consider drafting a speed demon with great vision if it wants to stick with the run game as its bread and butter.

The Titans tentatively get the 24th pick in this year's NFL draft, but no worries about the low pecking order. After all, there will be a lot of quality running backs to choose from.

Texas' Jamaal Charles, Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall, Rutgers' Ray Rice, West Virginia's Steve Slaton, Central Florida's Kevin Smith, Oregon's Jonathan Stewart and the Arkansas duo of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones—and those are just the underclassmen who have declared.

With 2008 being his third season in the pros, White must show he's more than just a straight-ahead train to prove he's the talent the team can build a running game around. White has struggled with dropping weight, going from around 245 pounds in 2006 to about 235 this past year. He will need to drop an additional 15 or so to allow for more nimbleness and speed in order to be categorized with the likes of the Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson and Minnesota's Adrian Peterson.

However, dropping weight won't be of much help if he still persists in his running style.

If White is unable to take that next step a few months from now and show he's an elite NFL back, there is a chance, albeit small, the Titans will go with a different kind of runner.

Given the huge selection of great running backs entering this year's draft, Tennessee may want to consider striking now while the iron is hot.