WWE SummerSlam 2011: Why Kelly Kelly Will Bash Beth Phoenix in Divas Title Match

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIAugust 12, 2011

This Sunday at WWE SumerSlam, Beth Phoenix challenges blonde bombshell Kelly Kelly for the Diva’s championship.

Their rivalry started when Beth Phoenix won the battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the Divas championship on the 1st of August edition of Raw. 

Kelly Kelly, who was sat at ringside on commentary during the match, went to the ring to congratulate Beth on her win when Beth suddenly turned heel and attacked the Divas champion. Beth threw Kelly out of the ring and then viciously threw her into the barricade.

Beth then made a bold statement with the microphone in her hand, “Kelly, you’re days of the cute, perky, blonde little bimbo are officially over.” Beth then walked away with an evil smile on her face. 

This week on Raw, Beth had a singles match with another former Divas champion, Eve Torres, in which Beth successfully won the match. After the match was over, Beth grabbed the microphone and spoke her mind.

“I’m so sick of Divas like you and Kelly Kelly making a mockery of the Divas division,” she continued after some cheers from the fans. “No more booty popping. No more splits. No more stink faces.”

However, Beth’s promo was cut short when Kelly ran out and attacked her. Kelly then ran to the ring to check on Eve. She then stood tall in the ring, holding her belt, looking down to an angry Beth.

Beth has always been praised for her dedication and wrestling ability since joining the company, but it seems like it is time for a new diva to shine, who better than Kelly Kelly. 

She may still be learning inside and outside the ring, but Kelly has shown in recent months that she is improving and she deserves her time to shine in the women’s division. 

She may not be Trish Stratus, but even Trish worked her way from the bottom of the division under the blonde bimbo gimmick. Many fans doubted Trish Stratus when she started off with the company, writing her off as another talentless blonde. But she went on to become a seven-time women’s champion and one of, if not, the most successful women in WWE history.

Fans were also highly critical of the women who participated in the Diva search competitions WWE use to hold. Contenders such as Candice Michelle, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool, Maryse and Layla all went on to become champions. 

Kelly may have started off as a dancer on the ECW brand, but it should not cloud the fans' opinions of her or of how hard she is working now. She has stepped up her game in recent months and the fans have noticed.

A victory over Beth would only further her growth within WWE.