Sin Cara and Hunico: Cheap Replacement by the WWE or the Start of a Storyline?

Luis HerreraAnalyst IAugust 12, 2011

As everybody knows by now, Sin Cara “returned” to SmackDown in the tapings of the episode that will be aired this Friday (I’m not saying against whom or what was the result, so I don’t think a spoiler alert is needed).

And by now you also know that it wasn’t the man formerly known as Místico who appeared in the ring, but another wrestler who usually competes in FCW as Hunico.

Sin Cara and Hunico have been tied together since the start of their careers. Both performed as "Místico," but the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) won the legal rights for the name in 2005, so the latter changed to "Mystico" and "Místico de Juárez."

Later, "Mystico" became "Incógnito" when he joined the Mexican promotion AAA, and finally he changed to "Hunico" when he signed a developmental contract with the WWE.

Enough with the history lesson: What does Hunico’s appearance as Sin Cara mean?

The first explanation is that the WWE wanted to return Sin Cara’s character to television as soon as possible, so they decided to replace him with Hunico, a wrestler of similar physique and abilities.

However, this doesn’t make much sense. Why do this when Sin Cara had already missed three SmackDown episodes and wasn’t going to be included on the SummerSlam card anyway?

So, let’s consider the other possibility: It’s the start of a new storyline, a feud by Sin Cara and Hunico based on their real life dispute.

In theory, the "original" Sin Cara would also miss the next tapings, so Hunico will perform again in his place.

What happens in the third week? Does Sin Cara/Místico return or does Hunico/Sin Cara stay in the show?

Let’s say Hunico repeats, but during his match (or the next week’s) he starts showing a heel attitude, cheating to win and keeping the attacks on his opponent after the match.

Then, Sin Cara’s music hits and "the original" appears wearing the white outfit he debuted at Money in the Bank.

The feud would be set. They could start fighting for the rights of the name (like they did in real life years ago for "Místico," although not in the ring); the face could win and then the heel would reveal his identity as Hunico, keeping the feud going for another couple of months at least.

It would be a smart move from the WWE. After several months in random matches, Sin Cara really needs a program and—especially—an opponent whose style can fit his own, allowing a better coordination and reducing the botches.

Despite his rough start in the company, Sin Cara/Místico has all the tools to become a gigantic star; he just needs the creative staff to use him well.

A feud with Hunico would be a good start.

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