A Question of Liverpool: Can You Spot the Kop's New Signings?

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIAugust 12, 2011

A Question of Liverpool: Can You Spot the Kop's New Signings?

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    When a new season begins and a host of fresh players debut in the squad, it can often take a few matches for your eyes to distinguish the talent.

    You often find yourselves mistaking one player for another, especially when international players join Liverpool and you have seen little of what they can do.

    Taking the picture round theme from Question of Sport, here are eight pictures of footballers, some new and some old chucked in for fun.

    Each new player's former kit has been blanked out to make it less easy for you to identify the player.

    Can you name every single one and set yourself out as an accurate commentator in waiting? Here goes...

No. 1

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    Which player is this hiding partly behind his shirt?

    To give you some clues, he is reportedly going to be on £60,000 per week at Anfield and despite feeling some regret at leaving his home club is excited at the prospect of playing in a team with the likes of Steven Gerrard who are capable of winning trophies.

No. 2

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    With a tattoo on each arm, which player is seen here grasping his head in despair?

    Rumour has it that this player was swayed in his decision to join Anfield by a former player who enjoyed a certain amount of success at the club—including that Champions League comeback against AC Milan.

No. 3

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    Who is this revelling in the crowds chants, looking to burst into the first team squad with a bang?

    What many may not know about this player is his numerous charitable efforts off the pitch. He works with none other than boxer Amir Khan in keeping children away from railway lines. At Anfield he spoke of his desire to move to the club as soon as he heard Kenny Dalglish expressed an interest.

No. 4

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    Which player is this waving farewell to a club who gained him the recognition required to seal his move to the Kop?

    Now seemingly he has a love affair for the club and manager Kenny Dalglish and looks to prove his worth by continuing his highly credible goal-scoring record in previous seasons.

No. 5

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    Which new entity does this serious pre match face belong to?

    He joins another player in transferring to Liverpool after building a solid reputation in his previous seasons in the sport.

The Former Liverpool Hero

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    You might be in with a sniff of getting this one, and if that pun doesn't help you the picture should do indeed.

The Legend

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    Who is this being stretched by giant Peter Crouch in a training session? Neither player is now at the side but the player with his back to us is now regarded as one of the best transfers Liverpool have ever made due to his bargain price and subsequently fantastic return profit.

Old School Favourite

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    Which former Liverpool manager is this back in his playing days? Although he never won much in terms of silverware at Anfield he was well-respected and regarded as a solid foundation that Liverpool would continue to build on after his exit.

Did You Get Them All?

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    Below are the correct answers. Give yourselves a pat on the back if you got them all right. If you missed a couple then your task is simple: acclimate yourself to the new collection of players when Liverpool begin their season against Sunderland and you shall be fine!


    1)      Jordan Henderson

    2)      Alexander Doni

    3)      Stewart Downing

    4)      Charlie Adam

    5)      Jose Enrique

    6)      Robbie Fowler

    7)      Sami Hyypia

    8)      Roy Evans