2011 NFL Preseason: Why Losing the Opening Game Could Be Good for the Jaguars

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIAugust 12, 2011

I am joyous of the fact that the preseason has begun. I need my yearly dose of good old American football. Watching bodies collide and receivers dashing towards the goal line is a thing of beauty.

I was particularly looking forward to the first Jaguars/Patriots matchup. The Jaguars are becoming a team I yearn to watch and to have them facing Patriots only made the matchup that much better.

I knew that the Jaguars would probably lose. They are considered a young team going against another team that is filled to the brim with talent and experience—Richard Murphy was basically the best player on the Jaguars side with only seven rush and 43 yards. Starting the year with a loss is not much of a confidence booster, but luckily it's only a preseason game.

Yeah, the Jaguars were handed a loss by a favorite to contend for the playoffs, but facing off a team that oozes with talent is great way to try out some different playing techniques to find out what works best for the young team.

The Jaguars will take lessons learned from this game and be ready to face other heavy hitters such as Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.

The preseason will be a crucial time to try out Blaine Gabbert, who was considered one of the top quarterbacks to emerge from the NFL draft. David Garrard has the support of his teammates and an above average throwing arm. The team will test the waters with Gabbert during the preseason to see if he'll blossom into a success on the field.

Gabbert will likely move to second string in order to groom him into a great starting quarterback and allow him to learn from observation. If Gabbert gets hurt then they have someone with experiences and skill to keep trudging on. Whoever ends up as starting quarterbacks won't disappoint.

The Jaguars also have a tremendous group of receivers to utilize. The key is to mix up the receivers to find that dynamic duo who will translate into hard earn wins. Two wide receivers that might be the answer are Dontrelle Inman and Cecil Shorts. 

The main issue with having two rookies working with a rookie quarterback is that they might be too inexperienced to become a success in the near future. It's a long term approach using rookies to build for the future. Once they are accustomed to how the NFL works, the wins will fall like rain. The team will simply have to decide to build a team where they find the success now or groom to earn the success later.

Obviously fans want the team to win this year and make it to the playoffs and we want the long term success that other teams have experienced with consistent winning seasons. The preseason will help determined what works and what does not work as well as get the winning chemistry to a pitch perfect point.

Don't get down because the Jaguars lost their first game. They are a young team with dynasty potential. They have the players, they have the talent and they have the winning spirit.

The preseason is where they put the pieces together to blaze a trail of success for themselves in the regular season.