My Crystal Ball: NFC East Predictions

Troy MarineCorrespondent INovember 11, 2008

So here we are. 10 weeks of the NFL season have passed. I can’t believe the season is already halfway over! It’s time to start making some predictions about how the NFC East will play out.


It’s a tight race right now, so anything can happen, but it should be really entertaining to watch. These are in alphabetical order, according to team.



Dallas Cowboys


As Jimmy Johnson once said, “How bout them Cowboys?!” Um, maybe not. The Cowboys, losers of three out of their last four games, are in a tailspin right now, sitting 1–2 in the division.


But, they should get their star QB back this week (as well as Felix Jones), and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, with a big-time rivalry game at Washington this Sunday night (NBC–8:15 PM EST).


If Dallas, 5–4 overall, loses this game, it could be the end of their playoff hopes (and Wade Phillips' job). If they happen to go on the road and beat the Redskins, they get the Giants at home, and then a Philly team the last game of the season that might be looking to fry Andy Reid by then. 


The rest of their schedule isn’t easy though, with games at Pittsburgh, and home against Baltimore, two teams that will be fighting each other for their division title. They have pretty easy road games at Seattle and San Francisco.


Prediction – Third place



New York Giants


The Giants have the lead in the division title race at 3–0 and are hitting on all cylinders right now at 8-1. With games left at Washington and Dallas, and one at home versus the Eagles, it could get interesting down the stretch for the “G-Men.” They also have games at Arizona and Minnesota and home games against Baltimore and Carolina, teams that are a combined 24–12.


If they win two out of those four remaining non-division games, they should be fine. If not, and they have problems with the division games, they open the door for the Redskins to steal the division title. The Giants hold the key to their own destiny.


Prediction – Second Place



Philadelphia Eagles

I know you Eagles fans are going to probably hunt me down and throw snowballs at me (I’ll be waiting in my Santa outfit), but climbing out of the cellar of one of the toughest, if not the toughest, divisions in the NFL is next to impossible. The Igles are 0–3 in the division, 5–4 overall, and need a lot of help at this point.


Even if they were to run the table in the division, which would require them to win games at Washington and New York, and beat Dallas on the last day of the season, they still have Baltimore and Arizona on their schedule. 


Baltimore is fighting for their own division title and Arizona is looking to possibly watch the first round of the playoffs at home for the first time ever.


Prediction – Last place



Washington Redskins


The ‘Skins are right behind the Giants with a 2–1 record in the division, 6–3 overall, but their one division loss right now is to New York. That’s the bad news. The good news is the rest of their division games are all at home, including the Giants on Nov. 30th, and their remaining schedule might be the easiest in the division. 


That game against the Giants will be huge and could decide who has the upper hand in winning the division. With road games against Seattle, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and San Francisco, who are a combined 11–25, the Redskins have a great shot at winning the division.


Prediction – First place