Tennessee Football: The Best Man to Run Volunteer Athletics

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIAugust 12, 2011

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

You may tire of the quotations but I think it is fitting for the revelation that it pertains to. The University of Tennessee is still looking for a replacement even as Chancellor Jimmy Cheek takes a quick vacation to ease the stress of it all. Wait..what? My gosh, it is a wonder that General Neyland's skeletal fingers are not clawing out of his tomb as we speak.

Wait, take a breath. These are dark times for Tennessee athletics, but do not let your hearts be troubled—it's not too dark.  I believe that I, the bumbling writer, have the perfect candidate that will please everybody.

After all, many of you out there stood aghast when I persisted that Phillip Fulmer be hired. Then, as much with Fulmer, half cheered and half said "huh?" when it was announced that Heath Shuler could be the new AD...or vice chancellor of...whatever.

The man I'm thinking of makes perfect sense. He did more for the image of the university and the SEC than no other by simply being himself. All Tennesseans had to do was love him. They did, and he loved them back.

I digress, the administration could have saved itself $105,000 by simply looking within.

What else? Well he also set the bar for the SEC to better itself in terms of equality. All the Vols had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride, which they did.

From 1972-1974 this man led the Vols to the 1972 Astro-Bluebonnet, 1973 Gator and 1974 Liberty bowls and a career record of 25-9-2. Know who he is yet?

You will now. He was the first African-American to start as a QB at any SEC school and he was also the first African-American to play baseball at Tennessee. Still don't know?

After 13 seasons with the Canadian Football League he returned to Tennessee to finish his degree for which his mother insisted he attend college and passed on an opportunity to play professional baseball when we was just 17 years old. The long and short of it is, for the last 13 years he has been an assistant AD and the coordinator for player relations. He came back to where it all started.

It's funny really how a kid from Huntsville, Alabama could do so much for so many (including himself) by simply playing a game.

He was more than a ball player, he was an inspiration. Only good things could come from having Condredge Holloway take the chair as the athletic director for the University of Tennessee.

So there you have it. I challenge you to find a better choice.


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