PGA Championship 2011 Leaderboard: 5 Guys to Watch for on Day 2

Adam LazarusSenior Analyst IAugust 11, 2011

PGA Championship 2011 Leaderboard: 5 Guys to Watch for on Day 2

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    I don't care for the tired old adage, "You can't win a tournament on Thursday, but you can sure as well lose one." 

    Plenty of soon-to-be Major championship winners overcame poor rounds on Day 1 to claim a glorious victory. Even if Steve Stricker continues to light up the Atlanta Athletic Club tomorrow, 54 holes is a lot of golf. He can be caught. 

    Now, that probably doesn't hold true for Japan's Ryo Ishikawa, who had a few problems today. The good news for Ishikawa: He only made two bogeys. The bad news: He didn't make any birdies or eagles. The really bad news: He made six double bogeys.

    Well, perhaps I was wrong, in Ishikawa's case maybe you can lose the tournament on Thursday.

    Nevertheless, there are a handful of guys out there who failed (or are looking to fail) to even reach par today but should not be considered out of the mix just yet. Here's a quick look. 

No. 5: Lee Westwood

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    Score: 1-over 71

    Place: T-67th

    Friday Tee Time: 1:15 p.m. (First tee)

    At the tough finishing holes of 16 through 18, Fisher really struggled, collecting a pair of bogeys, then seeing his scorecard explode on the front nine with a three-over 35. He was especially cut down to size by the par-fours, playing his final eight at a whopping six-over.

    But Fisher had an incredible start to his round, nabbing birdies at four of his first five holes. Since he started the day at the 10th, he can build some serious momentum on the back-side tomorrow—if he survives the front-side and puts up a better fight against those 500-yard par-fours. 

No. 4: John Rollins

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    Score: 2-over 72

    Place: T-88th

    Friday Tee Time: 12:40 p.m. (10th tee)

    Rollins wasn't talked about much heading into the first round, and after making six bogeys today he isn't going to be talked about much tonight, either. 

    But if he made six bogeys and is just two-over, that means he had to do a few things right, which he did with four birdies. 

    He's going to need a much better finish (he closed out the final six holes with bogeys) tomorrow, but he did get hot for a time today, recording all four of those birdies in a seven-hole stretch. 

    Maybe sleeping in (he had the day's first tee time at 7:30 a.m.) will do him some good on Friday. 

No. 3: David Toms

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    Score: 2-over 72

    Place: T-88th

    Friday Tee Time: 1:25 p.m. (First tee)

    If we learned anything by watching Thomas Bjorn at the British Open last month, it's that we should never count out a veteran returning to a course he once carved up. Bjorn should have won the 2003 British Open at Royal St. George's; eight years later he came back to the same place, shot an opening round 65 and took fourth place. 

    Well, since Toms won the PGA at the Atlanta Athletic Club exactly a decade ago, his chances of a Friday resurgence aren't bad. 

    Toms hit a handful of great shots today, including the one at the very tough par-three 17th, and since he wasn't able to nab even a birdie at either of the two par-fives, he left some strokes out there today. 

No. 2: Phil Mickelson

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    Score: 1-over 71

    Place: T-63rd

    Friday Tee Time: 1:25 p.m. (First tee)

    Like David Toms—who, ironically enough, he's playing with a decade after going down to the wire with on this course in this event—Lefty didn't play nearly as well today as he did back at any point in 2001, but a silver lining should be the number 13. That's how many pars he made, against two birdies and three bogeys.

    Tomorrow afternoon, he'll be way behind the leader, but because he's in a decent position to make a move, he'll take some classic Phil risks. Some will put him behind the eight ball, but if even a few pay off, he can match one of those 66s he shot back in 2001. 

No. 1: Tiger Woods

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    Score: 7-over 77

    Place: T-140th

    Friday Tee Time: 1:45 p.m. (First tee)

    Based purely on his scorecard, I wouldn't have even had Tiger on this list. But then I heard that throw-away line on the TNT broadcast from Verne Lundquist—the one about Tiger refusing a post-round interview for the cameras.

    Hearing him in denial—"I hit some good shots, drove it well, just couldn't putt worth a lick"—is always so irritating from Tiger, so I was glad to learn that he's frustrated or even mad about how he performed today. 

    Couple that with the fact that he started off so hot, and I'm expecting a round in the 60s tomorrow, just enough to keep him alive for the weekend.