WWE Rumors: Linda McMahon Hires Campaign Manager for 2012 US Senate Campaign

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2011

Vince & Linda McMahon
Vince & Linda McMahonJeff Gentner/Getty Images

Connecticut's Greenwich Time newspaper is reporting that Linda McMahon has hired a campaign manager and will be running for a Connecticut seat in the United States Senate again.  In 2010, she lost to Richard Blumenthal in a race for the seat vacated by Chris Dodd.  In 2012, she will be running for the seat to be vacated by Joe Lieberman.

Republican party "insiders" told the newspaper that McMahon hired 30-year-old strategist Corry Bliss as campaign manager and has been making tons of phone calls to garner support within the party.  When the Time called Bliss to ask if he was working for McMahon, he initially confirmed their story, saying, "Yes, I am."

Later, he backtracked a bit, saying that McMahon had not declared her candidacy yet and thus he wasn't on her payroll as of yet.  "I am a political consultant who has talked to her.  She has not made up her mind." 

He did indicate interest in the job, which garnered $280,000/year for McMahon's previous campaign manager, David Cappiello.  "I think she'd be a great candidate and would be interested in helping her if she so chose to run for the Senate."

In the 2010 campaign, McMahon spent $50 million, and not always wisely.  She bought ads earlier than she needed to, and many ads that aired on New York stations that reached Connecticut never specified what state she was running in.  While the Blumenthal campaign did bring up wrestler safety, drug testing, etc., the company's layoff habits probably hurt her more.

On the wrestling end, there were a few ways that the company was affected:

  • While switching to "PG rated" programming probably would have happened anyway to appease toy licensee Mattel, the campaign was also an issue.
  • Daniel Bryan's brief firing after choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with a tie during the original Nexus angle may have been due to pressure from the campaign.
  • When media pressure heated up, WWE started the allegedly apolitical "Stand Up For WWE" movement.
  • On the night before election day, a skit on Raw saw Vince McMahon defecate on a Richard Blumenthal campaign banner.  Really.

There's probably more I'm forgetting.

There's a lot to cover as far as what happened in the campaign, so if you want all the details, I'd suggest the podcast that I did with Keith Harris and Irv Muchnick in November, where we went over all of the key points.