Mountain West Conference Teams Causing Major BCS Problems

Bryan GonzalezCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

After the first article in this series, I feel very much like Jim Rome when he says, "This is what I'm burning on today."

And "this," of course, is the BCS and the so-called power conferences of college football.

Last Thursday, on ESPN's talk show PTI, Tony Kornheiser said that if teams like Boise State, TCU, Utah, etc. want to get consideration for a national championship, they need to get into a better conference.

I cannot say how infuriated that made me.

What else can the teams in the non-BCS conferences do to gain respect?

You cannot put Boise State in the same sentence as a Utah State or Idaho. After what they have done in the past five years or so, you would have to consider them an elite football school.

Maybe they don't have the same talent as the SEC or Big 12, but the results they put out are undeniable.

The Broncos are undefeated and looking to make it to their second BCS game in three years.

Utah is currently ranked No. 7 in the BCS after beating then-No. 12 TCU in a thriller last Thursday. It seems that even though the Hornfrogs were ranked 12th, Utah's win was diminished a little because it is in the Mountain West Conference.

But because of this win, the Utes are looking at their second BCS appearance.

As you probably remember, Utah became the original BCS buster in 2004, when it blew out Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl.

How can you say that a team looking at its second BCS game in five years is not among the top programs in the country?

The MWC, in my opinion, is either the second- or third-best conference, behind only the Big 12 and, maybe, the SEC.

Utah, TCU, BYU, and Air Force are all ranked in the top 30. Some people have said the lower half of the MWC is horrible, but this past week Wyoming went across the country and beat Tennessee, an SEC team.

The Big East's highest-ranked team is No. 21 Pitt. The ACC's highest-ranked team is No. 16 North Carolina.

Both of those teams have two losses. Meanwhile, the MWC has three teams in front of them.

The Pac-10 has No. 6 USC and, uh, Oregon (I'll whisper their name).  But USC is the Pac-10.

The Big Ten suffered a huge blow when Penn State lost to Iowa this past weekend. Ohio State has been playing better, but I'm still not sold on the Buckeyes.

As a whole, the Big Ten has struggled this year.

The SEC and Big 12 have great teams, but I fear that we have overrated the SEC quite a bit. However, there still are great teams that hold down that conference.

And in the last three weeks, we all have seen the great games that have come from the Big 12.

In ending this edition, I'll close with this: All the naive, one-sided people in the country need to open their eyes to the quality of football outside of the BCS conferences.

No longer can they continue to deny the respect that non-BCS schools have clearly earned.