WWE: The Mid-Card Problem That WWE Is Currently Facing

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 11, 2011

Old school to new
Old school to new

Everyone knows that WWE has a huge mid-card problem at the moment.

This applies mostly to RAW, because on Smackdown they have Henry and Sheamus, as well as Wade and Byran. The Tag Team Division is also somewhat heading in that direction.

On Raw, however, we got problems. The only thing they have going for them heading into Summerslam is Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler. Sure, The Miz will be involved somehow, Kofi will be a part of it in some way and Alberto Del Rio will stick his neck out there.

That sounds like three great names for RAW. So how could they have a problem with the mid-cards when they obviously have the talent?


There is no place to put them or do anything with them. That and the lack of titles that WWE has. I originally stated in a previous article that the other belts, outside the WWE and Heavyweight titles, do not mean anything because WWE is lazy at writing them and do not seem to be interested in them.

That is a big reason why a mid-card problem exists.

When there is only the the Untied States and WWE title to fight for on RAW, what exactly are the other fighters competing for? Who on RAW genuinely wants the United States title? Not that I am knocking it, but there are only a grand total of TWO titles the fighters can go after. After that, there really is nothing for them to wrestle for.

On Smackdown there is the Intercontinental title and the World Heavyweight title. Again, only TWO titles that people can go after. Smackdown has done a much better job at not letting this be a big problem with the Henry and Sheamus feud. Both are currently trying to show who is better at being the big man.

However, that does not mean that this problem does not exist. Just because we clean up our house once does not mean it will remain that way. The same applies to WWE right now. Just because they have a bit of a solution does not mean the problem is solved. 

The disorganization is also attributed to the main story lines for both shows. They are getting a lot of attention because it is what people want to see.

That needs to be stopped.

I am not saying stop focusing on the main story lines, I am saying start focusing on the other ones as well.

Bring back a something like the Cruiserweight title and have that division rise again. It will give Sin Cara—and the other luchadors they plan on bringing in—a reason to fight and show off. They can also use some of them as tag teams and revamp that division.

They should also have more people fighting for the other titles. The Intercontinental belt is one of the most prized belt's in wrestling history and should be treated as such. Instead of triple treats for the WWE title and the Heavyweight title, why not have it for that belt instead?  

It gives their prized stars a reason to work and show off, and it satisfies the need to wrestle. This would be putting them over and everyone would be happy.

The same goes for the US title. Who said that those titles cannot mean something? They need to create interest to have them mean something. When they do that, the mid-card problem will start to disintegrate.

It really is that simple. I am not too sure if WWE see's it that way. Only time will tell if they smarten up and see this problem as well.

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