Toronto Blue Jays Find Future Star in Brett Lawrie

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Toronto Blue Jays Find Future Star in Brett Lawrie
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Could Brett Lawrie be the missing piece in the Toronto Blue Jays puzzle? Probably not since he is not a pitcher, but other than that he appears to be a perfect fit with the ballclub. Although it has only been five games, Lawrie is already batting .389 with six RBI's and two homers, one of which was a grand slam against the Athletics last night. Lawrie may not be the answer to the many woes of the Blue Jays franchise, but he has made Blue Jays baseball that much more exciting to watch.

With the season coming to a close rapidly, Lawrie has given Jays fans something to anticipate for the 2012 MLB campaign. Brett Lawrie is the first prospect that is seeming to pan out for the Jays in a long time. He is an amazing athlete. He is explosive, can hit the ball anywhere he pleases and is a good clubhouse guy.

Okay, so maybe there is too much hype about Lawrie this early, but other than Jose Bautista and former Jays ace Roy Halladay, Jays fans haven't had much to get excited about since Joe Carter's dance around the bases after his World Series-winning home run in 1993.

Brett Lawrie has just seven more weeks to show his worth to the Blue Jays and their faithful fans. His play thus far probably is too good to be true, but only time will tell. Being up with the Big Club will allow Lawrie to hone his skills that much more, and improve the places where he is weak. 

Lawrie seems poised to come into his own in the Majors, and if his first few games in the show is any indicator, he will be a superstar for the Jays in years to come. 

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