What's Happening in the 'Burgh?

TJ JenkinsAnalyst INovember 10, 2008

What's Happening in the 'Burgh?

By TJ Jenkins, Phenomenal Publications Writer


The Steelers-Colts game was an absolutely heartbreaking experience for any Steelers fan in this world. So many things went into making this game such a tough loss to take, and you'll find out what those are here today.


Ben Roethlisberger

Ben, we love you, but we hate how you play when you're hurt. The velocity on his passes, especially in the fourth quarter, was absolutely horrifying. It got to the point where I grimaced every time he dropped back to throw. His shoulder's bothering him. And I don't care if he, Tomlin, or anyone in that organization says it isn't, they're a liar.

Last three games Ben's thrown one touchdown, along with eight interceptions. His reads are becoming worse and worse as time goes on. If he hadn't thrown that pick at halftime, the Colts wouldn't have scored.


Mike Tomlin

Didn't really have anything in this game to really make me mad at him, except for allowing Ben to play hurt. And the fact that he keeps flip-flopping on Ben's injury. One day he's hurt, the next he's not. Show some class and be real on the injury report. Is Ben hurt or not?


Heath Miller

Matt Spaeth's a great backup tight end, and he makes plays for us, but he doesn't compare to Miller, who can catch, block, anything. He's a great player and a great person.


Dallas Baker

Seriously, just, go learn to catch the ball. You can't drop passes in the fourth quarter. Especially not passes that are perfectly thrown, and trust me, there weren't too many of those to go around in this game.


The Offensive Line

I've defended these guys for far too long. They played horrible. I know Dwight Freeney is great and all that, but still. We're letting rookies get double teamed on the goal line but STILL make the play? That can't happen.


Bruce Arians

Seriously? Why are you throwing the ball at the end of the half, and then running it with two minutes left in the game? Why are you calling pass routes after the two-minute warning that go to the middle of the field? Why didn't you call a play action on the goal line after we got stuffed twice? Just, why?


Troy Polamalu

You dropped that pick after making an AMAZING play on the ball. And you got burned on the play action in the fourth that gave up the touchdown.


Dallas Clark

I hate you and your ability to get open at will. How we ever let you get open in the end zone after Peyton was going to you all drive long, I'll never know.


Reggie Wayne

I've liked you, since you came out of Miami and all. But this tears it. Two tipped passes, one of them going for a touchdown?


The only real highlight in this game was Moore scoring twice, or Ike Taylor's hustle play to stop Rhodes from scoring. Great tackle by him. That was the first time the Colts had beaten us at home since 1968. That means that they never beat us at Three Rivers Stadium, and never at Heinz Field, until last night.

I think Roethlisberger needs to be benched until he's healthy. Byron Leftwich is perfectly capable of leading this team for a few weeks. He proved that last week.

Bill Cowher, the invitation is open, come coach for us again. Or play quarterback. Or anywhere on the offensive line.