Steve Smith Signs with Philadelphia Eagles and Fans Blow It out of Proportion

WesAnalyst IAugust 10, 2011

Shel Silverstein wrote a great book about this guy.
Shel Silverstein wrote a great book about this guy.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I assume Philadelphia is like most other major cities when it comes to reacting to their NFL franchise.

If the Eagles win a game, sign a free agent or make some positive step in the right direction, everyone in town thinks they are headed for the Super Bowl.

If the Eagles lose one game, let a free agent slip through the cracks or take a step backward those same fans think the Birds are destined for a season of failure.

Such is the case with the recent signing of former New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith.

I go onto and I see articles about how the signing of Smith makes the Eagles contenders and how he makes them the Super Bowl favorite. I turn on the radio and hear how the Eagles have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL.


Thanks to Smith, the Eagles have the final piece of the puzzle.

He's to the Eagles what Pete Rose was to the Phillies and Moses Malone was to the 76ers.

Come on people, you're better than that.

Smith is nothing more than a calculated risk the Eagles can afford to take. He's not the key piece to making the Eagles a Super Bowl favorite, he's a potential possession receiver.

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, right tackle Ryan Harris and right guard Danny Watkins made this team one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

And who cares if the Eagles are the favorite in the preseason?

In the words of Dennis Green, "If you wanna crown em, then crown their a%$." But don't crown them because of Smith.

I understand he caught 107 balls in 2009 for 1,220 yards and he scored seven touchdowns. I guess we're supposed to forget about 2010, though.

Last year Smith only played in nine games. He missed four games due to a torn pectoral muscle, and then missed the rest of the season when he suffered a knee injury against the Minnesota Vikings in week 14.

After undergoing microfracture knee surgery the New York Giants didn't make a strong enough push to sign the one-time Pro Bowler, and neither did any other team for that matter. He sat out there and team's wondered if he could actually play this year.

Despite the uncertainties fans are talking about the Eagles' receivers as if they are the best in the NFL.

Um, in case no one noticed, DeSean Jackson has practiced with the team for less than a week, and even more importantly Jeremy Maclin has not practiced because of a mysterious illness.

Now if you think Smith is going to waltz into town and make up for any absence Maclin creates, you might want to admit how delusional you actually are. Please let me know when you expect Smith to return and how effective he will be when comes back. Because if you know the answer sitting on your couch, I'm sure the Eagles' medical staff would love to hear from you.

According to Comcast SportsNet's Reuben Frank, Smith could be ready to play by the end of September if everything goes well. But if Smith is placed on the physically unable to perform list he cannot be activated until week six.

It's great to see Eagles fans with their chests puffed out. We don't find ourselves in this position, but can't we at least act like we know how to be the favorite?

Get excited when it's appropriate.

Flex your muscles when people talk about teams with the best secondary and the most improved defense. Get fired up about a quarterback coming off an MVP-caliber season. Enjoy how much the team upgraded the offensive and defensive line.

But please, don't lose yourself over the other Steve Smith and declare the Eagles are a now a favorite because of him. At least wait until the team announces when he will be able to play and what's wrong with Maclin.

And before you get all sentimental with Smith, don't forget he is the same weasel who posted a picture of an empty Eagles trophy case on a social media page to LeSean McCoy.