WWE SummerSlam 2011: Booking the Card WWE Has Failed to

Charlie Taylor@chuck__taylorContributor IIIAugust 11, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: Booking the Card WWE Has Failed to

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    WWE SummerSlam 2011 is just days away, yet we only have four official matches announced for the biggest show of the summer. Perhaps this is a result of too many pay-per-view events in today's wrestling world or it's simply poor planning by the creative staff. Whatever it is, despite showing signs of the potential for several budding feuds, the WWE has yet to pull the trigger and announce many of these matches.

    WWE management will undoubtedly give us a decent list of matches when it is all said and done, but I am going to beat them to the punch.

    Here is a list of nine bouts I would book to make SummerSlam 2011 a memorable show.

Rey Mysterio vs. the Miz

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    This match would be a hot opener for SummerSlam as it brings some serious headline talent to the forefront early. Rey is from nearby San Diego and is always over huge in California. The MIz has showed a renewed aggression lately and due to his recent attack on Rey along with facing him in the WWE Championship tournament finals, this feud has already been built up perfectly.

    The Miz could lead the show coming out on the microphone to complain again about being left off of the card just months after main eventing WrestleMania. Que Rey’s music, or even Triple H to get him out early, and inform the Miz that he wasn’t left off of the card. Rey would come out and the two could hopefully have an extension of the good match they had on RAW a few weeks ago.  

    There are reports of a legitimate knee injury for Mysterio that may prevent this match from happening, but hopefully it is nothing to serious. If Rey is healthy it’s the right call for him to go over here and built some momentum going into his WWE Championship rematch the next night on RAW. If for some reason he isn’t 100% this is the time for Miz to continue with his aggressive side and put Rey out of action for a while.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Zeke Jackson (c)

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    WWE Management has been building up this match for weeks with the various ways that Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase have tried to make life miserable for (Big) Zeke. Thus far they have been unsuccessful, which is pretty much the same thing that could be said for Zeke’s Intercontinental title run.

    It is time to get the belt off the big man and do it quick. It’s time to make the shift to Cody and see if winning the strap will allow him to take the next step in his character development and overall elevation. The Intercontinental title is a championship that use to mean something and I believe the son for the American Dream can do a lot to bring some of that respectability back.

    He has been ready for a while, but WWE SummerSlam 2011 is the perfect time for the company to pull the trigger on Cody Rhodes. This is the perfect time for him to take the strap.

    Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

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    These two guys have been at odds with each other for weeks on WWE Smackdown, with Wade Barrett acting as the jealous former leader of a protégé on the verge of bigger and better things. Barrett has called out Bryan, challenging him for his briefcase in attempt to show that he is the prototypical future star of this business.

    Bryan hasn’t backed down, only doing more to reinforce his claims that nothing will stop him from main-eventing WrestleMania 28. He will use SummerSlam 2011 as a chance to shine and add another big moment to the highlight reel in his ultimate World title quest.

    Wade Barrett showed some incredible signs of having a bright future in this business through much of 2010, but WWE has pulled the trigger on the Daniel Bryan push with his Money in the Bank victory and there is no turning back now.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWE Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

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    The post battle royal attack of Kelly Kelly at the hands of Beth Phoenix was quite possibly the most entertaining thing we have seen out of the divas division in quite some time, and it really wasn’t anything complicated.

    It was the Glamazon going out there and doing what she does best, which is manhandle all the pretty Barbie doll divas. It may have been the intended storyline for Kharma, but she has outside-of-the-ring issues, so it is Beth Phoenix’s ball to run with.

    Her post match attack on Kelly Kelly was brutal, believable, and entertaining. The Divas title has been passed around by The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and other girls who just can’t really go in the ring. It’s time to make the switch back to hopefully some more entertaining Diva’s action and the only way to do that is to put the belt on Beth.

    Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Team Kofi vs. Team Del Rio

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    Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, and the Uso’s vs. Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Michael McGillicutty, and David Otunga

    The WWE is notorious for having one big tag match on their marquee shows to enable them to showcase a larger number of their talents. WWE SummerSlam 2011 will be no different. This is the perfect match to incorporate multiple feuds that have been going on into one match, while getting ten guys a payday on this shows.

    With there being a very good chance Alberto Del Rio may cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase Sunday Night, I think he will be protected and held out of a singles match. Being in a five-on-five will allow him to stay out of the action most of the match, while still be perceived as “fresh” if he attempted to cash in on whoever walks away from the Main Event as the WWE Champion.

    R-Truth dominated Morrison on Monday Night and the Guru of Greatness appears to have worked himself into the doghouse. Meanwhile, Evan Bourne has been getting the best of Jack Swagger lately, and the Uso’s are primed to take the straps off of the old New Nexus.

    My prediction is that the face team goes over in a first pin-fall matchup. Swagger or David Otunga would be the one to take the pin for their team by Kofi Kingston, allowing R-Truth and Del Rio to be protected.

    Winners: Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, and the Uso’s

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

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    WWE SummerSlam 2011 wouldn’t be complete without a battle of the behemeth’s. This year is no different, as Sheamus and Mark Henry will go toe to toe.

    The build of Mark Henry’s character as an absolute monster has gone over quite well with the sudden face turn for the Celtic Warrior. This match was an odd one, as you would think both guys need wins to continue their forward momentum.

    Nonetheless, the build for the match has been solid and I am actually looking forward to this one as it is one of the four that has actually been announced. I think there is more money in the babyface Sheamus in the long run, but the monster heel of Henry will be more useful in the immediate future.

    For that reason, Henry goes over in a highly competitive match. There will be no chair shenanigans after this bout as we have seen on the Big Show, Kane, and Kozlov.

    Winner: Mark Henry

United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley found himself going from a sudden shift of a stuck in the mud feud to being toe to toe with the current United States Champion. The premise for the feud is decent—Riley sees the same cheating, short-cuts, and easy road being taken by Dolph Ziggler to be the US Champion that he saw with the Miz when he was helping him; the same way Vickie is now with Ziggler.

    Riley was building good momentum with a few wins over the Miz, but Dolph has been slowly being built up the past few weeks. I believe once the breakup with Vickie is finally complete, Ziggler will finally be able to fully flourish on his own.

    Ziggler just got the championship a month or two ago. It’s not time for him to drop it yet. Riley has a bright future, but he’s still to clunky in the ring to be the number two champion on RAW.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Christian (c)

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    The feud that just seems like it will never end will have its never chapter at SummerSlam 2011 when Christian faces Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship yet again. The feud started out red hot and the two had some spectacular Pay Per View matches.

    However, lately the feud seems to have lost a little bit of steam. The matches may still be top quality, but after seeing them repeatedly I can only get so excited. Hopefully this will be the payoff to this long and for the most part well done feud for the WWE’s blue brand. They really could go either way and I think that the winner of the Sheamus vs. Mark Henry match will have a lot of foreshadowing in who will take this one home.

    Since I am going with Mark Henry to defeat the Celtic Warrior, I will go with the Viper to regain the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian has won the belt twice now, but his heel character just hasn’t caught on as strong as WWE has probably planned. They will put the Championship back on the face of their brand and let him go up against the monster heel who has taken out everyone in his path.

    Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk (c)

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    CM Punk and John Cena brought the house down at Money in the Bank last month in Chicago and this is the rematch the wrestling world has been waiting for. Was that match the perfect storm or were the two really that good in the ring? I think we will be able to find out the answer to that this Sunday at SummerSlam.

    Whether the two of them can recreate or top their classic from last month remains to be seen. However, having the added element of Triple H as the special referee—and the mystery of whether  or not he will screw over either one of the combatants—gives it an added element that they didn’t have the first time around.

    My buddy always tells me that Cena’s character is irrelevant if he doesn’t have the WWE Championship. That scares me to death. Will WWE SummerSlam 2011 be the night that truly signifies the changes CM Punk has been talking about? Will he walk away with the WWE Championship or will we be left in rewind of so many times before with Cena celebrating his title win with the rest of CeNation?

    I’m afraid WWE will be too scared of Cena being irrelevant, or that he will lose too much steam before his WrestleMania 28 match with The Rock if he isn’t carrying the WWE Championship. As much as I hope I am wrong, I think they will go in that direction. Despite all of the potential fresh WWE Championship matchups that could come out of a Punk win, Cena will win in LA and again become the (undisputed) WWE Champion.

    Winner and NEW WWE Champion (sort of): John Cena

    There you have it. That is how I would fill out WWE SummerSlam 2011. It would be a fairly entertaining show, falling in line with most of the feuds they have either been playing with or giving away on free television. Let me know what you would change in the comments below and become my fan on Bleacher Report.