CM Punk: Why the Second City Saint Deserves To Hold the WWE Title

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIAugust 11, 2011

CM Punk: Why the Second City Saint Deserves To Hold the WWE Title

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    Happy hump day, bleachers.

    The match is set! All they have to do is show up.

    Of course I'm talking about WWE champions John Cena, CM Punk and the special guest referee for the evening, the C.O.O. himself, Triple H.

    This past Monday on RAW we got an early taste of things to come, and I feel like it won't be pretty at SummerSlam.

    CM Punk took matters into his own hands and revealed some truths that just needed to be told and, in the process, continued the recent "revival," if you will, of the WWE.

    Let's face it, aren't we more glued to the television set since all this began? I would like to think so. Not only did Punk's actions nail him a WWE championship, but he met and defeated John Cena in the ring, fair and square. His real-life relationship with Beth Phoenix may also be one of the reasons the Divas division has new life to it.

    All in all, I'd say those are some pretty spectacular feats attributed to ONE MAN. This "Second City Saint" is a world class athlete and deserves to be the champion more than anyone right now.

    Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why I believe this with all of my heart. 

Change Was in Order

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    John Cena is an 11-time world champion, having held the world heavyweight championship twice and the WWE championship a record nine times!

    Enough is enough, already!

    I know he is the "face" of the company, but come on! Did he really have to defeat a worn out Rey Mysterio on July 25th? Did he have to beat Triple H's record of eight WWE titles?

    The man has to have it all, and that is what kills it for me. I used to like John Cena VERY MUCH at one point, but now I just want him to take a break.

    Heal your body or have a baby with your wife, Cena, and leave us alone for a while. Please!

    CM Punk says it so well—he takes the words right out of my mouth. Right up to the moment he won the title, it was same old, same old.

    The Straightedge Superstar is on his first reign as WWE champion. Can we see up to where that can lead without interruptions?

    Imagine the potential feuds that can be created with him holding the title. John Cena is a megastar. He doesn't need the championship—we'd still be interested in his matches or buy his merchandise. CM Punk brings a new and refreshing picture and it should not end just yet.

A New Title Belt Should Be Commissioned

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    With CM Punk as the WWE champion leading a new era, it would be time to throw that "Spinner" belt in the trash.

    John Cena had that one made for him back in 2005. That is a lifetime ago in WWE standards and, frankly, it was made to go with his rapper gimmick. It is sad to see the champions never wearing championships around their waist anymore. 

    The "Spinner" belt looked more like a prop or "bling-bling," if you will. It does not possess the majesty or trophy-like allure of, say, the classic winged-eagle belt.

    When the dust settles and the WWE title situation is resolved, there will be a new UNDISPUTED champion and, therefore, the winner should be awarded a new piece—something to mark the occasion.

    I'm sure CM Punk has taste and, if so, the new championship title should reflect that.

An Open Door to New Challengers

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    With John Cena out of the way, this would leave room for someone else to try and steal Punk's spotlight and championship.

    One gigantic rumor going around is the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin taking on CM Punk at WrestleMania XXVIII. If the WWE could pair that to a John Cena-The Rock match, I believe the buy-rates would easily pass the million mark.

    It would be a dream-come-true to old and new fans alike. We'd have the two most opposite characters possible handing us the best 20-30 minutes of our WWE lives on a silver platter.

    There was also a recent Chris Jericho tweet directed at CM Punk after the latter publicly mentioned him on RAW.

    @ Chris Jericho Everyone is so excited that  mentioned me on Raw. Newsflash...I don't give a shit. Mind ur own business and stop rippin me off Punk.

    This could be an angle and a wish-come-true at the same time. Could Chris Jericho be planning a return soon? If so, a feud with WWE champion CM Punk would be out of this world.

    Now, this next one is my chosen scenario. The Miz made clear on a recent interview that despite not being scheduled for SummerSlam, it would personally make it memorable. I would love a Miz-Punk feud, especially since we have been getting a glimpse of a new, more angry "must-see" WWE superstar.

    If Rey Mysterio is too injured to compete on Monday due to his real-life knee injury, I bet the "Awesome One" arrives and challenges CM Punk, therefore igniting a new rivalry.

    I had predicted months ago that Triple H and CM Punk would follow in the title lineage after Miz. Could "The Game" get involved in the picture? We have but a few days to find out.

    Whichever way you spin it, CM Punk versus anyone else other than John Cena is a breath of life for WWE.

    Watch "Stone Cold" talk about the future, here.

We Want To Hear What He'll Say Next

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    This week on RAW we got more revelations by CM Punk. 

    He mentioned how John Cena is a phony, Triple H is an attention whore and how he would love to have an ice cream bar with his face on it.

    Some may claim that this was scripted, but I cannot believe he would be allowed to talk about the recent firings unless he was given free and unlimited mic time. Having him as the champion brought back the interest in watching all two hours of Monday Night RAW every week. 

    You just never know what happens anymore and that is wonderful. I remember Howard Stern becoming a big name not because he said one outrageous thing, but because it kept on coming week after week. We just wanted to know what he'd say next and that kept us religiously attached to our radios.

    CM Punk "saved" WWE in the summer of 2011.

    Holding out for a few more perks is something ANYONE would do if they had the advantage, so for Cena and Trips to call him out on it makes them even bigger hypocrites since they are the first on the list of guys who get everything they want.

Hard Work Pays off in the End

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    Say what you will about him or his attitude, but CM Punk has years of experience. After the last year, which saw him lose all of his pay-per-view matches, the man finally got what he deserved: a title shot.

    He didn't "deserve" the championship—that you earn by winning the title match. What he deserved was the opportunity; he went through two major players and the seemingly invulnerable champion in John Cena to become king of the mountain.

    He has years of experience in the ring, a legion of fans and three world title reigns on his resume before even putting his hands on the WWE championship. All of that experience and faith will be with him come SummerSlam.

    CM Punk will use all of his tricks and all of his knowledge, with the added fire of knowing he can beat Cena clean. In the end, unless cheated out of his championship because of deceit, he will be named the UNDISPUTED WWE CHAMPION.

    The Era of Personality is upon you, whether you like it or not.

SummerSlam Will Be Spectacular

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    There are four killer matches announced for this Sunday.

    When you think about it, this year's edition of SummerSlam is built around one particular match: WWE champion CM Punk versus WWE champion John Cena.

    I hope they give it at least 25 minutes, with all of the suspense and action that their previous encounter had and then some.

    Bigger, better, badder, right? Make us proud, WWE, like you do so well, so often. I can't wait to see The Miz cause trouble or Christian retaining his WHC. Beth Phoenix should be crowned the new Divas champion and put all the princesses in their place.

    More than anything, I hope the Cult of Personality and CM Punk wash away the old and usher in the new in WWE.

    Triple H—call it down the middle or GO TO SLEEP!