Tiger Woods: Shooting Down Jack Nicklaus' Record 18 Majors

Robert LeonardoContributor IAugust 11, 2011

Tiger lurking, but how much longer?
Tiger lurking, but how much longer?Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tiger Woods is the only golfer who can break Jack Nicklaus' record 18 major wins.  Just a short time ago, this incredible feat was just about a done deal, with Woods winning 14 major golf championships in just 10 years.  

Well, times are a changing, and this is not the headline anymore. Now it seems Woods and Nicklaus may be forever separated, not just by golf championships but by an incredible fall from grace.  For Woods to regain the record-setting momentum he once had will depend on possibly one strategic decision, in my mind.

For the moment though, Woods seems lost.

We all see Woods struggling in mediocrity.  His infidelity has done more then separate him from his family, which is bad enough.  The greatest golfer since Jack Nicklaus, Woods seems to have also been separated from his laser-like concentration on the golf course.  Down from his high and mighty throne of invincibility, Woods is seemingly stuck in a golf purgatory of sorts, relegated to mediocre play.  A, long lonely fall for a child prodigy who made some very good golfers look clumsy by comparison.

So the story continues. What is it going to take for Woods to get back on track in his quest to become the record holder for most majors, and beyond that, simply the best that ever played the game? 

My thoughts on this are, admittedly, relatively simple. The only way I see this happening is for Woods to stop what he is doing, which has been obsessing on his golf swing, watching his head movement or dropping his long-time caddie.  And he needs to get his most important weapon cleaned up—his heart, mind, and spirit.

This spiritual revelation is not new.  In fact, right out of his press conference this is what the post-infidelity Woods addressed.  I just don’t think he followed through.  He needs no advice in the mechanics of his game, except for perhaps an occasional reminder here and there from his caddie. 

But if something is noticeable, it’s him. Woods is carrying his guilt on his shoulders, and that won’t bring golf championships, let alone peace of mind.

No, to get out from under the weight of guilt he must be carrying would seem to take a master psychologist who could engineer a miracle of sorts.  However, unraveling the mind seems to me a rather suspicious endeavor. 

I have to stand with Fox News commentator Brit Hume on the Woods dilemma, who offered Christianity as an answer for Woods' woes.  It seems that the religion of personal accountability, repentance, and forgiveness just might be worth a try for a guy who looks like he has exhausted everything else.