WWE SummerSlam 2011: Why R-Truth, Christian Have the Most to Lose at the Slam

Ryan DearboneCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

As a wrestler, whenever you lace up your boots it matters what you do out there in the ring whether you are a mid-carder, jobber or the top dog in the company. So to that point, what you do or don't do in the ring can catapult you to the next level or dump you to the status of a "local talent" who gets squashed in non-televised matches. There are two men that are teetering on this line more than anyone Sunday (Aug. 14) night: R-Truth and Christian

Here's why: R-Truth (originally K-Kwik in his first WWE run) has not been looked at as a guy who can run with the big dogs. I mean, how could he? He danced around saying, "What's up?" and that's really about it. While very athletic in the ring, he seemed to lack any real appeal for WWE brass to give him a real push.

Although he was a TNA heavyweight champion, it seemed Truth would eventually be buried like every other WWE Superstar who has spent time in Orlando. But now it has all changed.

Truth turned heel on John Morrison, an obvious crowd favorite. But not only did he go "heel," he went crazy. I mean, "Charlie Sheen" crazy. Only without the women and the "tiger blood." He picked up the microphone and began ranting on "conspiracies" and "little Jimmies." Since then, he's taken it farther every week, becoming must-see-TV in the process.

But in order for this gimmick to keep working, Truth and the voices in his head must beat John Morrison again. Morrison is a star on the rise, even though he's had several pushes stalled out. The long-haired daredevil is still likely on a path to WWE singles gold. So Truth has to beat JoMo at one of the "Big 4" pay-per-views to cement his character and take him to the next level. It's more of a matter of building the brand than winning a belt for Truth.

Otherwise he runs the risk of falling out of serious TV time, becoming used only for backstage segments and obvious squash matches, or eventually returning to the fun-loving face that can dance, but isn't very interesting. That's what's up!

Christian has even more at stake because, put plain and simple, he may never get a title run again. It's been well documented that the leader of the Peeps has had run-ins with Vince McMahon in the past. The "flying arrangements" spat even led Christian to take his talents to South Beach and sign with TNA.

Christian did well there, even winning the TNA strap, but he never felt like a TNA guy. The man who was part of the Brood and the legendary tag team of Edge and Christian is WWE-made. However, he's always been considered by most in the "E" as a mid-carder at best. McMahon even said so.

It's believed that Christian's first week-long World Championship run (if you choose to not think about the fact Smackdown is taped on Tuesdays), was simply because Edge retired and VKM saw a chance for a classic moment. But his second run has been longer and better. Heel Christian has proven, at least to me, that he's a capable champion.

However, he's in a feud with Smackdown's version of John Cena, in the form of the "Viper" Randy Orton. People want to see the belt around Orton's waist and he will likely hold onto the belt for a while once he gets it. So that would leave Christian to feud with other mid-carders since there aren't too many main-eventers on SD right now.

Eventually, his title run will become a memory because I don't see WWE putting the strap on him again. He will be lucky to get one more month out of this current run.

So, if you want to root for two people to come out with victories on Sunday, might I suggest you look at R-Truth and Christian.