WWE: Is Brodus Clay the Next Big Thing for This Company?

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

            The WWE has its stars—the Cena’s, Orton’s, Miz’s, Sheamus’s, and Hunter’s—but we all know they need future stars to take them ahead. Figuring who that is can be tricky.

To be considered, a star has to have made an impact already, but also someone who has not been on the WWE’s main roster for a entire year.

Who could that be?

The next main-eventer who is one of the company's top people.

That person is Brodus Clay.

             Brodus Clay was the runner-up to the largely-ignored NXT season four. He dominated to the end of the competition, finishing with an impressive 7-3 record but lost to Johnny Curtis on the final night of the season.

It did not matter. Brodus quickly became his pro’s, Alberto Del Rio, enforcer—the menacing force that had Del Rio’s back. He has gone against the likes of Edge and Christian, losing both times. While most monster’s get pushed with a undefeated streak, Clay has been shown mortal, which I think helps him avoid being stuck in the same old way of every monster and always more development I the future. Obviously, someone in Creative likes Brodus Clay, but that is not the only reason I think he is the next big thing.

            He also has in-ring ability that are surprisingly good. Now, he isn’t a technical god, but he abilities that far surpass other similarly proportioned men, like Mark Henry or Viscera. He has great agility, and has in-ring talent that probably surpass John Cena, the current face of the company.

            He has the look. He stands out due to his stature, at 6’9 360pds. His tattoos are also impressive and help him with his intimidation factor. He has the overall body language of someone who you do not want to mess with, which is perfect for his heel persona. He is also trying to lose weight, which will help lead him to a more “normal” stature, but he will never be normal. He will always be a monsterweight (300 pounds or more.) That is a good thing for Clay.

            Also, he already has a movie made with WWE Films, which does mean something. Only people who the WWE consider important get movie roles ( Ted DiBiase was a part of a main-event faction when he did The Marine 2.) This only bodes well for Mr. Brodus Clay.

  Finally, he has his skills on the microphone. They are phenomenal. He has developed a nice go home line, “And you do know that!” But that does not make a main-eventer on the mic, or Michael Tarver would be U.S Champion over Daniel Bryan. What makes a main eventer is the ability to get a crowd reaction, to be consistent on the mic and be effective in their message. Case in point, Clay’s promo for the end of NXT season 4. It was fantastic. It was simple, and it got over. His threat to the fans, to take away their heroes, worked. There is nothing else to say. I have heard people say that promo was as good as the Rock’s promos are. That is the highest compliment you can get.

            Fans in the office. In-ring skills. The look. A foot in films. The mic skills.. Brodus Clay has it all to be the WWE’s Next Big Thing.  And you do know that!

            Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the voice.