Seahawks-Dolphins: Drop Goes the Weasel

Aaron LinkemyerContributor INovember 10, 2008

On Sunday, the Seahawks went down to Miami and lost a heartbreaking game to the Dolphins.

If not for a holding penalty on the Dolphins, Miami would have ran the opening kick off back for a touchdown. That still didn't stop the Dolphins from scoring touchdowns in their first two possessions against the Seahawks.

Their first being a gorgeous 39-yard pass to Ginn in double coverage, and the second, a direct snap to Ronnie Brown, who gave it to Ricky Williams for a 51-yard rushing touchdown.

In their third possession, Chad Pennington threw the ball to Jordan Babineaux for a 35-yard interception and touchdown making it a one possession game.

After the interception, the Seattle defense forced five punts and were only able to get six points from the possession changes. They had taken the ball into the red zone twice, and missed out on what should have been a touchdown, when Koren Robinson dropped a ball he should have made with ease. There was a total of five drops in the game, two of them being pretty key.

The Seahawks had about four false start penalties, one coming on a two point conversion that would have tied the game. Seneca Wallace also had a couple of miscues, especially late in the game when the score was 21-19, and the Seahawks were marching down the field to get within field goal range. 

Wallace under-threw Bobby Engram, who had the Miami defense beat by at least three yards. It would have gotten the Seahawks in field goal range, if not in the end zone. It's frustrating to watch this team when the key players are not healthy.

Kudos to Miami for making that Wildcat offense work. 

Seeing as the playoff chances are over for Seattle, it would be smart to give Hasselbeck, Kearney, Weaver, and Branch as much rest as possible, so that they can come back next year 100 percent healthy.

It is time to start thinking about next year, and the possibilities for the Seahawks in the 2009 draft. They should look in to getting Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree or safety Taylor Mays. We know that the Hawks could use wide receivers, a couple of tall and fast Defensive backs, and a strong Offensive lineman.