Bye Bye Carlito: We'll See You On the Other Side

Andrew WhittakerCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

For most Manchester United fans around the world, it is getting increasingly hard to believe that Carlos Tevez will be signing a permanent contract with the club. But why have things gone the way they have?

Sir Alex Ferguson's love for Dimitar Berbatov has been put as the most obvious reason. However, could other factors play their part too?

First of all, I would like to pay tribute to Tevez's achievements at Manchester United; especially as he played a big part in United's double-winning season last term. His work rate is tremendous, which is one of the many reasons why United fans have taken him to their hearts.

His technique is fabulous too; as he runs with the ball down the field, he almost never loses possession. He has got that special Argentinian type of play, where he runs with the ball between his legs. This makes it very hard for other players to take the ball off him without fouling him simultaneously.

He said from the beginning that he loved the club, its stature, its feel, its staff, and its players. He was bought as a future hero.

While journalists and football debaters, including myself, heavily doubted that he and Wayne Rooney could play together as their style of play was to similar, they certainly proved us wrong with a string of beautiful displays.

Even as the season went on he was outshining Rooney, most notably in the Champions League, where he played most games and stayed on for the full 90 minutes, including the final—which Wayne did not.

So what is the specific reason for his lack of play this term?

He was the main striker, of course, in the beginning of the season as Berbatov had not yet been signed, and Rooney suffered from sickness. He did well, scoring against Liverpool at Anfield.

But as Rooney came back, Tevez got fewer and fewer minutes on the field, and it came to an ultimate low when he was substituted last week at Celtic Park. This was especially disappointing for him as he was arguably United's most dangerous player.

It seems as though Ferguson persistently wants to use Berbatov for the full 90 minutes every game. Even when he plays like a bag of potatoes, he is not substituted. And mind you, this happens a lot.

Another reason could be Ferguson's need for a different type of striker. Benzema, Huntelaar, and David Villa are continuously linked, and even as it is hard to see any of those coming to United, it seems as Ferguson has already chosen to use his money elsewhere, sadly.

Surely Tevez has to consider his staying severely. And rightly so. My main concern is this, however:

As Ferguson will give up on Tevez in the summer, and mind you, he will, Tevez will join a big club like Real Madrid or Inter. Maybe even another English club.

And like the tragedy of nemesis, I am absolutely certain that Carlitos will one day play against United in a big European game, and get his rightfully deserved revenge.


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