Divas You Would Love to Take Home to Mom

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 10, 2011

Divas You Would Love to Take Home to Mom

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    I know it is August, but the holidays are right around the corner (where has to time gone?).

    With the holidays comes parties, food and celebration of the good things in life. And of course, visiting mom.

    But you need a date to come with you and haven't a clue who you should ask. So with that in mind, how about a wrestling diva to help liven up the spirit of the season and be the envy of all your friends who you haven't seen in some time.

    You will certainly be the most popular guy in the neighborhood—or at least the most talked about.

The Bella Twins

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    We start out with Nikki and Brie Bella. I think it is mandatory that if you take one home to mom, you certainly need to bring the other along, too.

    Me, being a twin myself, understand the important rule that sharing is caring.

    And what better way to "share" the holiday than with two hot brunettes?

Trish Stratus

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    There is something about a woman in black.

    Trish worked hard for years in the WWE and still works hard teaching her craft to others in Tough Enough.

    Looks like she could use some time to relax.

Madison Rayne

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    You know, Madison is growing on me.

    She cannot be that loud and pushy in real life, right?

    Besides the big mouth and "diva" attitude, she has a "smile" that puts you at ease.

Eve Torres

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    I am hoping she brings that outfit with her to Florida. It does get hot in the fall.

    Eve smiles and you cannot help but think mom would approve.

    Maybe not so much about the outfit.

Christy Hemme

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    Now that Christy is entrenched in the role of TNA announcer, you know she will have something to talk about.

    And if that does not work, then she can always show us how she does those splits.

    For exercise, of course.

Gail Kim

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    She may not have a home right now in wrestling, but that is fine with me. She can come to Florida for the season.

    Besides being a really good athlete, Gail is a natural beauty.

    Something tells me she already feels at home in the sand.


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    For Sable, it will be a coming home party.

    Rena Lesnar is from the area and knows it well. We can reminisce about the old times and enjoy the beach and the hot, hot sun.

    The sun, however, may not be as hot as she is.


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    I'm not sure what goes on in Canada, but in the states, the holidays are a big celebration.

    Welcome to the south, Natalya.

    I am sure you will fit right in with a large family since your family, the Harts, have trained together for years and have been so successful in the WWE.

    And yes, it is alright to wear pink.

Miss Tessmacher

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    We all have been waiting for this one.

    With her sudden climb in TNA as the Knockouts tag team champion with Tara, we thought she might need some rest and relaxation before returning to work.

    Oh, my!

Alicia Fox

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    Such a hellcat!

    Alicia would fit right in with everyone back home. She is independent, seems to enjoy having fun and can mix it up when things get tough.

    A great combination for someone who can multitask and do two things at once.


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    Red has become my favorite color.

    A beauty with an accent.

    She will definitely be welcomed by all my friends.

Velvet Sky

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    Things just got a little hot in here.

    Velvet has been trying to get a title shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship. It isn't fair.

    She should already have one. Maybe some warm weather and time off would help recharge her energies.


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    If I bring home Sarita, I have to let Rosita come along too.

    As long as the guys from Mexican/American stay away it should be a good time during the holidays.

    Again, sharing is caring.

Angelina Love

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    I am not inviting winter to come with her.

    The blond bombshell can lie around in the sun or walk along the river.

    It doesn't matter as long as she is walking with me.

Kelly Kelly

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    She is from a town about 45 miles from me.

    This is another homecoming of sorts for her.

    She knows all the hot spots and the best places to hang out.

    And of course, mom would approve of the girl next door looks.