WWE Summerslam: Analyzing the Two Main Events of Sunday's Show

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIAugust 10, 2011

Summerslam—WWE's second biggest pay-per-view of the year—is just four days away and the two main events, Randy Orton vs Christian (No Holds Barred) for the World Heavyweight title and CM Punk vs John Cena (with special referee Triple H) for the Undisputed WWE title are among the matches booked.

So far, there are only four matches booked for Summerslam, but I am not surprised since WWE has failed to book pay-per views ahead of time on several occasions this past year. 

Here are my predictions for both main events of the biggest party of the summer.


Christian vs Randy Orton (No Holds Barred) for the World Heavyweight championship:

I'll start off with the less anticipated Smackdown main event (the co-main event), which will be a No Holds Barred match between the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, and Randy Orton. This will probably be the culmination of the feud between Christian and Orton, which has been going on for over three months.

The feud has been a good one and has given us four stellar title matches so far, but honestly I'm hoping that it ends at Summerslam because, like many others, I want to see some new blood in that title picture. That being said, I fully expect Christian to retain his title on Sunday.

Now I know what you are all saying at this point. "Randy Orton's the Golden Boy and he never loses, you must be high to think Christian's gonna win!!"

Hear me out, I have actually thought this over a lot and I have good reason for predicting Christian as the winner this Sunday. My reasoning is simple. If Randy Orton regains the title on Sunday, he will undoubtedly go on to beat Christian again in his rematch at the next ppv, but then what? What heel on Smackdown do you see challenging Orton for the title? Mark Henry? Doubt it. Wade Barrett? He's feuding with Daniel Bryan at the moment. Kane? Maybe, but I don't see him winning the title again.

If Christian wins on the other hand, he can feud with Smackdown's newest and second hottest babyface after Orton, Sheamus. Sheamus currently has a match scheduled at Summerslam against Mark Henry, which most expect him to win, including me. He hasn't held a World title since October last year, and a title feud with Christian would be the perfect way to get the Celtic Warrior back on top.

Back to the match. While I fully expect to see Christian retain, he will obviously not defeat Orton cleanly. I believe that about 20 minutes into the match, Mark Henry, irate from losing to Sheamus earlier that night, will interfere and hit the WSS on Orton, allowing Christian to pin Orton for the win.

This will set up a feud between Orton and Henry, as well as one between Christian and Sheamus for the title. I expect Orton to be champion again before the year is over though.


CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Undisputed Championship, w/special referee, Triple H.

The Main Event of Summerslam, the Undisputed WWE title match between CM Punk and John Cena, was a lot harder for me to predict. The feud between CM Punk and John Cena is at its hottest right now, and the fact that Triple H is the special referee means that there is absolutely no chance that there will be a clean finish. However, one thing I am definitely not expecting is a heel turn by John Cena. Because lets face it, to many kids around the world, Cena is a superhero. He gets tons of merch sales and sells a lot of tickets, so I think we can kill any expectations of him turning heel in the near future.

Sure, he has been and will be booed a lot, but I'm pretty sure an all out heel turn is out of the question, at least at Summerslam.

Likewise, I also do not expect to see a heel turn by CM Punk. Punk only turned face a month ago, and since Vince Russo doesn't work for WWE anymore, I highly doubt that they would turn him back into a heel so soon. He's very over with the crowd right now, especially adolescent to adult males so turning him heel simply wouldn't be a smart move.

However, there is one man who I do expect to turn heel by the time Summerslam ends. That man is the (kayfabe) COO of WWE and he is also the special guest referee for the match between Cena and Punk at Summerslam. That man, is Triple H. Everyone reading this article probably knows by now that the idea for a feud between CM Punk and Triple H has been pitched by Creative, and I am 100% sure that that feud will begin at Summerslam.

Exactly how I see that match culminating, is as follows:

After about 30 minutes of back and forth action, Cena is in control. He goes for the AA on Punk, who barely escapes and shoves Cena right into Triple H. Punk then capitalizes on Cena's momentary daze and nails him with a kick to the head. He then signals for the GTS, when Triple H kicks him in the gut and drops him with the pedigree.Triple H then measures Cena and hits him with the pedigree as well, before dragging him onto Punk and making the three count, giving John Cena the victory and making him the Undisputed WWE Champion.

My reasons for predicting that this will happen at Summerslam, are:

  1. CM Punk vs Triple H will be set up.
  2. CM Punk will have been screwed, without Cena having to turn heel.
  3. It can set up an angle where Cena vacates the title the next night on Raw, because he didn't earn it, and CM Punk goes after it with Triple H doing everything he can to stop him from getting it.

I can see this feud lasting for months, and eventually ending in a WWE title match between Punk and HHH at Wrestlemania. Cena and Rock can still have their big Wrestlemania match, but with no WWE Championship on the line.