In College Football's Survival of the Fittest, Anyone Has a Chance

Jimmy SmithCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

November is a tough time of the season for many top teams in College Football.  Last season LSU, West Virginia, Missouri, and Ohio State all lost in November while in the top two in the BCS Standings.

This season has become survival of the fittest.  Which teams can be the teams to make it to Miami?  Here is the breakdown.


Three games.  That is all Alabama and Texas Tech need to win to be in Miami on Jan. 5 for the BCS National Championship.  However, November is a long month.

Alabama plays Mississippi State and Auburn to finish out the regular season.  It shouldn't be tough for the Crimson Tide to finish the season 12-0.  There is one small problem though.

Gator bait.  The Crimson Tide will have to play one of the other best teams in the nation in the SEC Championship game, the Florida Gators.  The Gators are No. 4 in the nation right now and don't look like they will drop anytime soon.  Be on your heels, Alabama.

Texas Tech plays Oklahoma and Baylor to finish out the season.  Tech has a somewhat tougher slate playing No. 5 Oklahoma on the road. 

If the Red Raiders manage to win those two games, then they will 12-0 heading into Dallas to play the Big 12 Championship against Missouri or Nebraska.


Alabama and Texas Tech seem primed to make a Championship run, but anything can happen in College Football.  Other contenders include Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, and heck, Utah.

Texas needs Texas Tech to lose to even have a fighting chance.  A Tech loss to Oklahoma will make a three-way tie for the Big 12 South.  The tiebreaker goes to the team with the highest BCS Standings finish.  That will likely be a toss-up between Texas and Oklahoma.

Florida has a tough game left that might be over-looked: Florida State.  The Gators need to win that in-state rivalry and hope Florida State wins the ACC Championship.  The Gators then need to win the SEC Championship, and they should be BCS-bound.

Oklahoma needs to defeat No. 2 Texas Tech.  A win over Tech will skyrocket Oklahoma in the polls and really help their cause.  If the Sooners don't go to the Big 12 Championship, then it is unlikely they will play for the BCS Title.

Southern Cal really just needs all of the other teams to lose a game.  USC is sitting pretty in the Pac-10.  A loss by Texas Tech and Alabama will help the Trojans argue their case for the BCS Title game because there will be no BCS conference undefeated teams left.

Utah has a slim chance.  They are in Hawaii's position last season.  Obviously Utah needs to win out to stay in the hunt for a BCS game.  It is unlikely that they will play for the BCS Title, but crazier things have happened.


The final weeks of November will be exciting, and really, anything can happen.  Don't be surprised to see a Florida-Texas National Championship game in Miami—although Alabama and Texas Tech might something to say about that.