New York Giants: Division Leaders? Yes. Track Stars? Not So Much.

Billy FellinCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

The New York Giants came out of Philadelphia on Sunday night with an NFC best 8-1 record, after beating the Eagles 36-31.

However, the score was much closer than the game actually was. The Giants dominated the Eagles in time of possession, total yards and had a better third down conversion rate.

Apparently, the Giants always want to make games interesting. Or give their fans heart attacks, I haven’t figured out which yet.

Just two weeks ago in the Dallas game, Eli threw the interception that was returned for a touchdown that could have swung momentum right to the Cowboys. The Giants were dominating at that point as well, up 14-7.

However, there is no greater example of how the Giants like to make games interesting than when Brandon Jacobs did his on field try-out for the 2012 Olympic games in London with his hurdling abilities. Granted, it’s quite something to see a 6’ 4” 264 lbs running back jump that high.

However, how USELESS was it? Jacobs is the “Earth” in the three-headed Giants’ rushing attack. He is not “Wind” (that’s Derrick Ward). He SHOULD NOT leave the ground. Instead of hurdling Asante Samuel like he did, he should have lowered his shoulder and ground out the few more yards for the first down. Instead, he fumbles and the Eagles get new life in a first half that was all Giants, despite the Eagles scoring first.

Kevin Boss apparently is also interested in trying out for the U.S. track team with his hurdle later in the game. Granted, Boss actually held onto the ball, not to mention jumping so high that his defender didn’t even touch him. Despite the uselessness of this play as well, the dumbfounded look on the Eagles defender who tried to tackle Boss was rather amusing.

I do have to agree with what John Madden said though. That if you make a hurdle work, you’re a great athlete (Boss). If you don’t (Jacobs), then why did you hurdle? Excellent observation. Chalk that one up to the old board.

Don’t forget that the Giants also had what would have been a nice punt return touchdown by Domenik Hixon called back on a holding call.

However, despite Boss and Jacobs’ hurdling exhibition, the Giants came out as the rough and tumble leaders of the NFC East as well as the conference.

This team will bend, but not break. Eli is making the passes he needs to, when he needs to. Threading the needle to Boss and Plaxico Burress in the end zone were great passes to make.

Speaking of passes, there is still some debate about whether Eli was over the line of scrimmage when he passed to Boss to set the Giants up for an eventual Jacobs’ touchdown.

No matter how many times you look at that replay, the ball is blurry enough that you can’t tell if the ball was out of his hand when his heel was behind the line.

Despite the fact that that was the first time that Eli had done that his entire five year career, I thought he could have easily avoided that whole controversy and either ran for the first down or stopped where he was and threw it to Boss.

With that being said, the challenge by Coughlin was a great one and was a defining moment in the game for the Giants.

The running game really is serving the Giants well and as the weather gets colder, I think that “Earth, Wind and Fire” will continue to see plenty of action in game.

The Giants are the class of the NFC right now, and if Tennessee weren’t undefeated, you’d be hearing a lot more about how the Giants are the best team in the league. Despite that fact that I’m throwing fits during Giants games sometimes, the fact that “Super Bowl repeat” is being mentioned more than “Super Bowl hangover” is something worth being happy about if you support Big Blue.

If you don’t, well you’re in for a long rest of the season.