New England Patriots Round Up Buffalo Bills 20-10

Alex PotterCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

In a game that really defined Matt Cassel as a starting quarterback, it was an undrafted rookie that really stood out. His name is Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis.

The rookie standout rushed for 105 yards and a touchdown in a 20-10 win, that should have been 20-3, but sloppy defense in the fourth quarter didn't let that happen.

The rookie commented after the game saying, "You never know. We're a game plan team, a personnel team. We just went out there and whatever worked we just stuck with it. I was happy to contribute and help us win today."

Another key to this game was the consistency of Wes Welker. Wes Welker has now caught at least six passes in each of his first nine games, setting an NFL record. This not only reflects the known talent of Welker, but the gradual and now defining talent of Matt Cassel.

Wes Welker commented on the success of Cassel by saying, "Yeah, he's done a great job.  We wanted to come out and play well from the get-go and on that first drive we were able to do that.  We just have to keep that going, keep that energy going, and make sure that every time we step out there we're trying to finish drives."

The Patriots have a short week ahead of them as they head into a battle for the AFC East lead on Thursday night against the New York Jets. The three keys to this game are simple.

  • Cash in on turnovers. New England had two interceptions that only resulted in three points.
  • Stay consistent with the rushing game. Young standout, Green-Ellis may not be just a fluke. This kid may be the real thing and that's what it's shaping up to look like.
  • Stay Healthy! The Patriots have lost yet another key player in Adalius Thomas. This injury report is turning from a pamphlet to a book.

If the Patriots can stick to these three attributes they will not only win on Thursday night, but it'll be a blow out. This team is actually starting to show a thing called unity and I think it's working!