Game Reaction: Texans Fans

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

The Baltimore Ravens soundly thumped the Houston Texans, 41-13 on Sunday. Understandably upset, Texan fans are placing the blame at the feet of their quarterback, Sage Rosenfels, who threw four interceptions.

The Houston fanbase is overwhelmingly blaming the officiating as well. Here’s a snippet of some of the reactions of Texans fans over at the Texans’ official message board,; Yahoo’s message board; and our Fan2Fan Alliance site,

This is a poorly called game today….call after call against the Texans when they have the Ravens stopped. No call on grounding by Flacco
(sic)two unbelievably bad PI calls…The Texans (sic) are not doing themselves favors and the refs aren’t (sic) helping them at all. How can you go from the least penalized team to have 12 by the 4th quarter…. [ticking] me off.

Wost officiating I have EVER soon, this was one of the main reasons we lost. It was PATHETIC!


Let’s trade for Troy Smith
(sic). He can run. And is accurate. Heisman winner. Nah, let’s pick up a washed up FA never was.

Did anyone notice we gave up 40+ points? TO THE RAVENS!? The GM would be an ***** to draft anything not related to defense. If Schaub wasn’t taken out by cheap shots, we would probably rank fairly high in most offensive statistics at the end of the season. We need to improve the defense badly. That HAS to be the #1 priority going into this off season.


I watched in amazement as we would either throw three and out, or throw a pick, EVERY series! @#$%in’ RUN the ball on first down, at least. Their run defense can’t possibly be THAT scary, challenge them. That was pathetic play calling. PATHETIC!

moondog.1369, Yahoo! Message Board