BlogPoll Week 11

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst INovember 10, 2008

My ballot may be in a constant state of flux by definition, but a closer examination reveals that the same teams are only changing seats on a weekly basis. I have not had a legitimate shake up of the Top 10 in a few weeks.

The top team may change some weeks, but that is as much a function of modern college football as anything else. Even with those switches, the Top 10 is generally comprised of the same teams.

This week is no different with the only new team, Utah, replacing TCU, a team it just defeated.


Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#16), Northwestern (#24), Kansas (#25).

Top 5 Explained

I realize that I have Florida ranked ahead of two undefeated teams but the Gators are razor sharp putting up offensive numbers reminiscent of Texas Tech. When you add in their special teams and improved defense, it is difficult to make an argument that there is a more complete team out there.

Texas Tech and Alabama are reversed based mostly on strength of schedule. Both have defeated a No. 1 ranked team, but the Longhorns are much better than Georgia, and aside from the Dawgs, the tide’s schedule is a little meh.

I also know there are no transitive properties in college football, but when I watch Florida and Georgia destroy LSU’s defense while Alabama needs overtime, I get suspicious. Sure, LSU had some extra motivation with Saban coming to town but it is not like those LSU players were all recruited by Saban.

BCS hangers-on

USC is ranked 6th on the strength of its defense alone. That unit is scary and if they make the BCS title game (as I previously predicted) it will be interesting to watch them matchup against Florida, Texas Tech, or Texas.

Oklahoma State sticks around because they have lost to two pretty damn good teams.

The Pelaton

I understand that Boise State is ranked way too high, but I am not sure how to remedy it at this point. I suppose I could just drop them for no good reason. The rest of 11-20 could be rearranged to your liking, but I cannot see a compelling reason to elevate any of those teams to the Top 10.

You may also be wondering why South Carolina is ahead of Georgia, a team that previously best them, 14-7. South Carolina’s defense is tops in the SEC at the moment but they have a date with Florida this weekend. They could lose that game and I still may not drop them.

The rest of the crop is a bunch of 3-and 4-loss teams. I will hear arguments for Boston College ahead of VT and Oregon State as a Pac 10 co-leader.


Ball State and Tulsa are not absent on accident. I watched Tulsa struggle with a bad Arkansas team and the MAC is a total joke. I cannot see any circumstances in which either of these teams will appear in my ballot from here on out.