Kevin Harvick Wins A Wild And Weird Truck Race At Phoenix

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Kevin Harvick Wins A Wild And Weird Truck Race At Phoenix

Kevin Harvick holds on beats a hard charging Kyle Busch by 0.941 seconds, records his first win in Kevin Harvick, Inc. equipment and his first truck win, since 2003.

It was his third career win at Phoenix in a truck, he earned the hard fought win and puts KHI in the record books. As they become the first team to win three races in a row with different drivers.

Ron Hornaday in the No. 33 VFW Chevrolet Silverado truck won the pole, he has been fast all weekend at Phoenix and was the fastest in both practices.

Kyle Busch in the No. 51 Miccosukee Resorts/NOS Energy Drink stats on the outside pole position. Erik Darnell in the No. 99 Northern Tools and Equipment starts third.

Scott Speed in the No. 22 Red Bull Toyota Tundra truck starts fourth. Brian Scott in the N0. 16 Albertson's Toyota Tundra truck starts fifth and a rookie to pay attention too.

Another young talented driver to also watch is, J.R. Fitzpatrick in the No. 71 Chevrolet Silverado truck starts sixth, in his second truck race.

Johnny Benson, the points leader, qualified fourteenth, in the No. 23 Toyota Certified Used Vehicles Toyota Tundra truck.

On Lap One, the green flag flies with Ron Hornaday pulling away by a truck length from Kyle Busch coming out of turn two, they are side by side going into turn three.

Coming out of turn three, Busch has the lead by a nose, but Hornaday would get loose, lose it getting slightly into Busch. Hornaday would spin around nose first into the wall, slide back down the track.

Where his truck would be broadsided by J.R. Fitzpatrick who's truck received heavy front end damage, Johnny Benson would also clip the rear of Hornaday's truck and have damage behind the right front and over the number on the side.

Unbelievable it would happen with three wide action right behind Busch and Hornaday. You had Brian Scott, Erik Darnell and Scott Speed three wide battling for third and on back you had similar action happening.

It's not that surprising to see Kyle Busch run that hard on Lap Pne, but nice to see him leaving plenty of room for Ron Hornaday and not pinching him down on the bottom.

Ron Hornaday drove straight behind the wall for repairs, he has extensive damage all around the 33 truck and it will take a lot of work to get him back into the race. He needed a new radiator, the rear end needed a lot of repair, the sway bar, axe housing sheet metal work done and a bunch more needed work.

While the race continued under caution, it was exciting too watch the work in the garage being done on Ron Hornaday's truck, along with the KHI crew, Jack Roush lent some of his teams crew members to help out, the TRG Motorsports crew also helped out.

Even with J.R. Fitzpatrick truck still sitting badly damaged on the track. There were several other teams that assisted the 33, that I couldn't identify off of my TV.

It was just amazing too watch, all these crew guys scramble around the No. 33 repairing the badly damaged truck. Even Ron Hornaday was helping, be it with a hammer, pulling on sheet metal or to hold the deck lid up while work was being done on the rear axe.

Johnny Benson would make several pit stops to repair the damage, change tires and patch the hole in the side of his truck.

Fortunately only six trucks where involved with the wreck and it looked a lot worse.

The Speed commentaries where joking about would they let Johnny Benson charge hard for the positions or drive back to the front being conservative.

The top five under caution, where Kyle Busch leading, Brian Scott in second, Scott Speed in third, Brad Keselowski in the No. 19 Unsponsored Chevrolet Silverado truck  in fourth and Erik Darnell in fifth.

On the Lap 12 restart, Kyle Busch takes the green, with Brian Scott right on his bumper and both cleared the lapped traffic quickly.

On Lap 14, Kyle Busch leads Brian Scott by 0.833 seconds and Scott Speed in third by over a second.

On Lap 16, Kevin Harvick in the No. 2 Camping World Chevrolet Silverado truck running in sixth catches up to Erik Darnell in fifth. The two battled it out for two laps, with Harvick finally passing Darnell down on the low side.

On Lap 19, Terry Cook in the No. 59 Team ASE/Harris Trucking Toyota Tundra truck would also pass Erik Darnell for sixth and has been running well since joining Harris Motorsports with eight races left. 

On Lap 20, Kyle Busch would lead Brian Scott in second by 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile Johnny Benson was running twentieth, with Ron Hornaday's truck still being feverishly repaired in the garage area and it looks promising as Hornaday would climb back into the truck.

On Lap 26, Kyle Busch leads now by two seconds over Brian Scott in second. Kevin Harvick in fifth, starts to pressure Brad Keselowski running in fourth.

On Lap 28, Kevin Harvick would pass Brad Keselowski taking over fourth and pull away from him by several truck lengths.

On Lap 30, the second caution flag flew for Russ Dugger in the No. 89 Lafferty Performance Chevrolet Silverado truck spun without hitting anything coming out of turn two.

Ron Hornaday would make his way back to the track, in 33rd, some 29 laps and his crew with help did a great job making repairs and getting him out so fast.

Hornaday will make sure it handles okay, run around a few laps see what he has, then try to make up positions and make up some points.

The top five under the caution was: Kyle Busch leading, Brian Scott in second, Scott Speed in third, Kevin Harvick in fourth, and Brad Keselowski in fifth.

On the Lap 34 restart, Kyle Busch takes the green, pulls away from Brian Scott in second. Kevin Harvick takes third, from Scott Speed and the leaders pass the repaired Ron Hornaday truck.

Scott Speed would go high on the track to avoid and get around Ron Hornaday. While Brad Keselowski would go low passing him for fourth.

On Lap 35, Scott Speed would brush the wall, avoiding contact with Erik Darnell and lose fifth to him.

On Lap 38, Johnny Benson would back out of his first brush with disaster, after being caught in three wide action and being in the middle.

On Lap 40, Kyle Busch leads Brian Scott in second by 1.2 seconds and Kevin Harvick in third by 1.4 seconds.

On Lap 43, Kevin Harvick is running faster than Kyle Busch the leader and starts too catch Brian Scott in second.

On Lap 44, Scott Speed has battled back to fourth position re-passing both Erik Darnell and Brad Keselowski.

On Lap 46, The top three Kyle Busch, Brian Scott and Kevin Harvick are all running the same lap times.

On Lap 51, Kyle Busch is still leading, Kevin Harvick passes Brian Scott for second and is 1.055 seconds behind Busch.

On Lap 52, Todd Bodine in the No. 30 Lumber Liquidators Toyota Tundra truck in fifth, passes Scott Speed for fourth. Speed is running loose and may have a brake issue.

On Lap 54, Kevin Harvick passes Kyle Busch for the lead but Busch on the high side would battle back and hang onto the lead.

On Lap 56, Kevin Harvick would finally pass Kyle Busch on the low side and pull away by several truck lengths.

On Lap 58, Kevin Harvick has a 0.583 seconds over Kyle Busch in second.

On Lap 59, Johhny Benson for several laps, running in twenty-first has been trying to pass Dennis Setzer in the No. 18 Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dodge Ram truck in 20th.

Benson definitely isn't taking it easy, he's seems to be driving aggressively trying to make up positions and points on Ron Hornaday.

On Lap 61, Scott Speed has faded, dropping back to sixth and starting to get pressure from Brad Keselowski in seventh.

On Lap 64, the third caution flew for Craig Wood getting loose, spinning and hitting the inside wall.

All the lead lap trucks would pit, the top five off of pit road was as follows: Kyle Busch leading, T.J. Bell in the No. 7 Sponge Tech/ Chevrolet Silverado truck in second with a two tire stop, Todd Bodine in third, Kevin Harvick in fourth and Brian Scott in fifth.

Coming off of pit road, Todd Bodine pulled out in front of Kevin Harvick resulting in some minor contact but neither truck was effected by it.

On the Lap 69 restart, Kyle Busch would take the green, pulls away from T.J. Bell and the two tire call doesn't look like it will work.

On Lap 71, Kevin Harvick goes three wide, tyring to pass both T.J. Bell and Todd Bodine, but is unable to make it stick. Johnny Benson would have a scare having minor contact with David Starr in the No. 11 Zachry Toyota tundra truck, resulting in no caution and never truck was effected by it.

On Lap 72, T.J. Bell starts dropping back, the two tire call didn't work and he's handling bad. He falls out of the top five.

Kevin Harvick running in fourth, would pass Todd Bodine for second and used T.J. Bell to get around Bodine.

On Lap 73, Erik Darnell in seventh, trying to pass T.J. Bell in sixth and has Brad Keselowski putting pressure on him.

On Lap 74, Erik Darnell and Brad Keselowski split T.J. Bell and continue to battle for sixth and seventh.

On Lap 75, Kyle Busch is leading, Kevin Harvick in second by 1.610 seconds and Busch has lead 67 laps so far.

On Lap 79, the fourth caution comes out when Colin Braun in the No. 6 Conway Freight Ford F-150 truck would make slight contact with Johnny Benson on the front stretch and ends up in the wall nose first.

None of the leaders pit, they all stay out and the top five was: Kyle Busch leading, Kevin Harvick in second, Todd Bodine in third, Brian Scott in fourth and Mike Skinner in the No. 5 Tundra Sponsored Toyota Tundra truck in fifth.

Ron Hornaday is running in 29th, while Johnny Benson hasn't fared that well, running in twentieth position and had numerous incidents that could have been bad.

On the Lap 86 restart, Kyle Busch would take the green with Kevin Harvick on his bumper both started good and cleared the lapped trucks.

On Lap 88, the fifth caution comes out for T.J. Bell and Johnny Benson having contact in turn one and both trucks ended up wrecking hard in the outside wall with major damage.

At the time of Johnny Benson's disaster, he had a 59 point lead before the accident and after the wreck it was 21 points.

Johnny Benson has been on and off pit road several times trying to fix the truck without going behind the wall to the garage. You could tell Benson should have driven right behind the wall and had his team get too work repairing it. Rather than run a few laps under caution going on and off pit road and than going behind the wall.

Ron Hornaday has three trucks in front of him, which he'll pass, since they are off the track being repaired in the garage and could finish either a position ahead or behind Benson.

On the Lap 95 restart, Kyle Busch would take the green with Kevin Harvick right on his bumper and both clear the lap trucks easily.

On the Lap 97, Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick battle it out for the lead, but Busch on the high side holds onto the lead. This would enable Todd Bodine in third, too catch up to the Busch and Harvick.

On Lap 100, Kevin Harvick would finally pass Kyle Busch on the low side and make it stick. According to Speed, based on the lap speed's Kevin Harvick is the fastest truck and has a strong truck to pass on the bottom like that.

On Lap 101, Kevin Harvick pulls away from Kyle Busch by seven truck lengths. Speed TV would mention that Johnny Benson had damage much worse than what Ron Hornaday had and his crew along with the BDR team are hard at work fixing it.

Benson should have just pulled behind  the wall to get his truck fixed and his crew because of trying to work on pit road didn't react as fast as Hornaday's did.

On Lap 105, Kevin Harvick leads Kyle Busch by half a second and looks like he'll stretch it out further to a bigger lead.

Ron Hornaday will finish ahead of Johnny Benson, right now 15 points are the difference but that will change.

On Lap 108, Scott Speed and Donny Lia in the No. 81 Chevrolet Silverado truck are racing pretty hard for twelfth.

On Lap 115, Kevin Harvick leads by 1.035 seconds over Kyle Busch and close to 1.355 seconds over Todd Bodine in third.

On Lap 116, Todd Bodine running in third is starting to catch Kyle Busch running in second and pressuring for the position.

On Lap 118, Kevin Harvick is leading by 1.328 seconds over Kyle Busch and with Todd Bodine on Busch's bumper it should increase his lead.

Johnny Benson while still in the garage getting his truck fix, currently is 25th and Ron Hornaday in 27th and only nine points separate the two.

On Lap 120, the top five was as follows: Kevin Harvick is leading by 1.508 seconds, over Kyle Busch in second, Todd Bodineis third, Brian Scott in fourth, and Mike Skinner in fifth.

On Lap 123, Kevin Harvick leads by 1.578 seconds over Kyle Busch in second. Todd Bodine has caught Kyle Busch and will start to work to pass him.

On Lap 127, Johnny Benson comes back onto the track, in twenty-sixth, one position behind Ron Hornaday and can only make up Hornaday's position. Now Hornaday can't advance anymore positions and means if it stays like this points have Benson leading by three going to Homestead.

Kevin Harvick who maintain his lead on Kyle Busch at over 1.5 seconds and close to two seconds on Todd Bodine in third.

On Lap 129, Kyle Busch would let his crew chief Richie Wauters know he may have a tire going down and the crews ready on pit road should he need to come in.

On Lap 130, the sixth caution flag came out for Johnny Benson who blew a right front tire, hits the right side into the wall again in turn two. Heads to the garage, for quick repairs and would come back out to the track.

It was a great break for Kyle Busch, who had a possible tire issue would pit for four tires and would restart sixteenth.

Kevin Harvick gets the caution flag, he needs to save fuel for the finish and it would have been close for the team without the caution.

The top five under caution was Kevin Harvick leading, Todd Bodine in second, Brian Scott in third, Mike Skinner in fourth and Erik Darnell in fifth.

On the Lap 133 restart, Kevin Harvick takes the green pulls away from Todd Bodine and quickly cleared the lapped traffic.

On Lap 134, Kevin Harvick has a half second lead on Todd Bodine in second. Kyle Busch on new tires is running in 10th.

On Lap 135, Kyle Busch makes a great three wide pass, passing Rick Crawford in the No. 14 Circle Bar/Power Stroke Diesel By International Ford Ford F-150 truck and Matt Crafton in the No. 99 Menard's Chevrolet Silverado truck for seventh. Crawford drops to eighth and Crafton to ninth.

On Lap 136, the seventh caution comes out for contact between Kenny Wallace in the No. 15 Ergon Hyprene Toyota Tundra truck and John Wes Townley in the No. 09 Zaxby Ford F-150 truck. Both are battling for eleventh, make contact and wreck hard.

Johnny Benson would also blew another right front tire, he would pull behind the wall and park the 23 truck for the night.

The top five under caution was, Kevin Harvick leading Todd Bodine running in second, Brian Scott in third, followed by Erik Darnell in fourth and Brad Keselowski in fifth.

Kyle Busch is running in seventh, with four fresh tires and depends on how well he catches and passes trucks on the restart if he can catch Harvick.

Ron Hornaday is running in 25th, Johnny Benson day is done is 26th and amazing who would have thought these two would end up both being involved in wrecks. Have three points separating them heading to Homestead.

On the Lap 140 restart, Kevin Harvick takes the green, on the single file restart with Todd Bodine on his bumper.

On Lap 141, Kyle Busch makes up two positions passing Mike Skinner in sixth and Brad Keselowski in fifth.

On Lap 142, Kevin Harvick has about a half second lead on Todd Bodine and Kyle Busch would pass Erik Darnell for fourth.

On Lap 143, Kevin Harvick has a 0.782 second lead on Todd Bodine in second. Kyle Busch is coming passing Brian Scott for third.

On Lap 144, Kevin Harvick has a second lead on Todd Bodine for second and Kyle Busch in third starts to put pressure on Bodine.

On Lap 145, Kyle Busch uses the high side to pass Todd Bodine in second and would scrape the wall. He's 1.228 seconds behind the leader Kevin Harvick.

On Lap 146, Kevin Harvick continues to lead by a second, over Kyle Busch and he's maintaining the lead it's not shrinking.

On Lap 147, Kevin Harvick still leading by a second over Kyle Busch in seconds.

On Lap 148, Kevin Harvick still maintains his lead of a second on Kyle Busch in second.

On Lap 149, Kevin Harvick would take the white flag, Kyle Busch will not catch him.

Kevin Harvick on Lap150, took the checkers with a 0.941 second win over Kyle Busch. He wins his third truck at Phoenix, records his first win driving for his team he owns with Delana and makes it three in a row for Kevin Harvick, Inc.

Harvick would do some great burnouts, receives the checkers and heads to celebrate in victory lane with his No. 2 team.

Ernie Cope was excited, as he earns his second win as crew chief and was proud of the effort by his team.

"I was a little bit frustrated on that first lap, seeing that 33 turned around, but it worked out for us", said Harvick, who picked up the third Truck Series win of his career and first since 2003. "In one sense, you think you've lost the championship, but it's never over till it's over." (

Harvick also hated the cautions, since he was able to read the Sprint monitors and think about what was happening regarding the points between Benson and Hornaday.

"I feel good about their chances", Harvick said of Hornaday's team. "I'm just glad they both pulled a bonehead on the same night—that's pretty much what it boils down to. They both could have had opportunities to put daggers in each other—so luckily [Friday] they synchronized their bad nights." (

"I know he'll be flustered that it turned out that way, but that's what makes Ron Hornaday fun to watch." (

Kyle Busch would lead for 91 laps, would put on fresh Goodyears on a late caution, but would come up a little short and have to settle for second.

Todd Bodine ran real well all day and finished third. Brian Scott would have a career best fourth place finish and was the Raybestos Rookie of the race. Mike Skinner looked good finishing fifth.

Hornaday would finish in 25th and had the following to say about his bad night:

"The driver was a complete idiot", Hornaday said after the race. "I thought I was going to get fired because that was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. Knowing Kyle Busch was on the outside and me driving in there as hard as he is, that was total stupidity on my part. Kyle's got nothing to lose out there but to win the race and I blew it." (

"I really thought I had a half truck on him getting in and I knew I got in really good and he got in that much better. I needed just another couple of inches. I got loose and I just tagged the back of him and spun the rest of the way around. I had a truck that could win the race and I blew it." (

Hornaday would apologize to all the teams that got caught up in his wreck. Jack Roush made the call of the night, when he sent some crew members from his truck teams to help KHIand the 33 team with repairing the damaged truck.

"I think that's the camaraderie you see here in the Truck Series", Erik Darnell said after finishing seventh. "That's what happens here. Ron is a pretty good friend. I know Matt Puccia [Darnell's Crew Chief] and Rick Ren [Hornaday's Crew chief] are pretty good friends, so anything we can do to help them out, we're going to do. That's just the way the series is." (

"The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is just unbelievable", Hornaday said. "When you go out there and wreck a truck and just to see these guys [from other teams] want the 33 truck out there and make a points race out of this thing...My hat's off to everybody and from the bottom of my heart I've got to thank them all because that was so awesome."(

"I can't say enough for the effort of my guys and the effort of Jack Roush's teams and the effort of the TRG Motorsports bunch," Ren said. "All of those people come to our aid and we had Ford guys and Chevrolet guys putting our Chevrolet back together to get into this race and that just shows what this Truck Series is about—there's not really any enemies over here and we're all willing to help each other." (

"We just kept digging. I told Ron don't give up. It's a long night. You never know what's going to happen." (

"After our first deal [on lap one] it bent the rear a little bit and we got it working and felt like we could probably run in the top six or 10," Benson said. "I was really trying to be patient. We ended up being in the right place at the wrong time or something, I don't know. We're just making it exciting. I don't know what else to say." (

Benson would have this to say about his contact with T.J. Bell. "I felt like I was underneath him and felt like he came down," Benson said before seeing a replay. "All of a sudden we bumped and both spun and wrecked and it pretty much ended our day. It took the right front and pretty much destroyed everything up in the right front." (

It was amazing that Johnny Benson's 23 truck would be in worse shape than Hornaday's 33 truck, but it was. His team needed to replace brakes, the track bar and suspension pieces.

"It's just weird and amazing how the points deal has been going on. It definitely makes for a long day, I can tell you that," Benson said. (

The points are now Johnny Benson by three points over Ron Hornaday and 143 points over Todd Bodine.

The Top Ten Results For The Lucas Oil 150 Where As Follows:

1. Kevin Harvick

2. Kyle Busch

3. Todd Bodine

4. Brian Scott

5. Mike Skinner

6. Brad Keselowski

7. Erik Darnell

8. Matt Crafton

9. Rick Crawford

10. Brendan Gaughan

The next race is the Ford 200 on Friday, Nov. 14th, starting with the NCTS Setup at 7:30PM and it will be a classic I guarantee it.

Source: for the post race quotes.

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