Dennis Hallman: Should There Be a Dress Code of What to Wear During a Match?

James HizonaCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2011

UFC 133 was one of those pay-per-views where you both enjoyed watching it, but you also find yourself asking the question, "Why?"

The reason I ask the question is because of one of the matches that happened at the event. I am talking about the Welterweight matchup between Brian Ebersole and Dennis Hallman. It wasn't the fight, Ebersole won by referee stoppage in the first round. It wasn't the fact that Ebersole shaved his chest hair into a gigantic arrow pointing up to his chin. I've seen worse.

It was the fact that Dennis Hallman lost a bet to his teammates and had to wear a pair of speedos that made even UFC President Dana White cringe. Sure, you lose a bet to your buddies and have to reap the consequences, but not on a pay-per-view with millions watching.

Even the crowd shot out a painful groan when Hallman revealed his fight attire. When I competed, you still had some sort of an idea of what to wear and what not to wear. Keep in mind, this was back during the Royce Gracie days and you literally could wear anything from a full gi or a pair of sweats. A banana hammock is not one of them. What is wrong with just wearing MMA shorts? Even the short tights were tolerable. But the blue speedos? Really?

Props go out to Dana White for giving Ebersole a 70k bonus for ending the fight in the first round, saving the audience and the viewers the agony of seeing the hammock for two more rounds. After the event, White was even asked if Hallman was going to get fired for his antics. White paused for a moment and told the reporter that if he were to get fired it was going to be because he lost. I am pretty sure White secretly wanted to give Hallman the "pink slip" for sporting the blue speedos.

Well those are my thoughts, I'd like to hear yours, should there be a dress code enforced in MMA fights or not? Should Dennis Hallman punished for his attire? Or was Dana White overreacting? You can post your comments on here or on twitter @balistik1031.

Until then this is Balistik signing out.

Peace out.