Tiger Woods: Firing Stevie Williams Shows Tiger Is Losing It

Louis SklenarikContributor IIIAugust 8, 2011

Tiger Woods needs to remember when he used to play like this
Tiger Woods needs to remember when he used to play like thisAndy Lyons/Getty Images

One hundred forty five career wins, fourteen majors and millions upon millions of dollars later, Tiger Woods fired his caddie Stevie Williams. Williams is not the reason Tiger was (notice how I said was) such a good golfer, but Williams was a large reason he won a lot. He knows these courses like the back of his hand. Anybody who has as much experience as he does is always an asset in the game of golf, not a detriment. 

Williams is now moving on to the new Bridgestone Invitational champion Adam Scott and took a shot at his former friend Tiger Woods when he said that helping Scott win at Bridgestone was the "greatest week of his caddying career". How you can fire a guy that helped you win so much shows that Tiger is desperate for something that will help him be great again.

Now when it comes to Stevie Williams, I could care less what he says. He didn't hit those shots, Adam Scott did. Williams is probably one of the greatest caddies in the history of golf, and you saw it yesterday when he continuously encouraged Scott, who is not known to be the most confident golfer, to hit the shots he did.

I view a caddy as a cheerleader, however. Don't forget that Steve Williams is a caddy because he can't hit the shots that Scott does. This was not the best win of Williams career, but he wants Tiger to think that. That's like saying winning a wild card game in the NFL is better than winning a Super Bowl. It shows how mad Williams really is at Woods.

You know that Tiger is not the same player when he is satisfied with a thirty-seventh place finish this weekend. Tiger is clearly not the dominating figure of golf that he once was. The fact he hired a "friend" as his caddy shows how lost he is. Tiger Woods needs a caddy, not someone who is going to carry his golf clubs.

The thing that bothers me about Williams' comments yesterday were that they had nothing to do with Scott. It was all about him and how this was the best win of his career. Does anyone else see this as selfish?

Stevie got himself fired from this job when he couldn't just sit back and relax while Tiger was having his little drama problems. Instead he asked to carry Adam Scott's bag in the U.S. Open, because Woods wasn't playing. If I'm Woods, I don't like that either.

Tiger needs to start focusing on golf again. He is putting way to much effort into the mental side of the game. When you fire a caddy, it means you don't know what else to do. When you try to change your swing because your not scoring the same way you used too, you don't know what else to do. He's desperate. What's wrong with Tiger Woods is that he is getting old. If you watch film of him when he was a young golfer he swung that driver so hard. Now with his legs being as fragile as Stevie Williams' emotions, its hard for him to hit the ball as well as he used to. That doesn't mean you try to change the formula that won you fourteen major championships.

Coming from someone who golfs almost regularly, the game is totally mental. When you put it in your head that you cannot hit a certain shot anymore, you won't hit that shot again until you have the confidence that you can do it. Woods just lost all that support in his former little cheerleader Stevie Williams. That's what a caddy does, he supports you. Maybe that's what Adam Scott needed to make that jump from an average golfer with a lot of talent, to a great golfer. Sometimes that's all it is.  

Tiger needs that support again, and maybe that's why he pretended to be encouraged by his subpar finish this weekend. If you think Tiger was happy shooting a one over, then people really forgot about the competitor that Tiger was before all this.

Being a huge fan of golf, I hope Tiger returns to form. He has to focus on golf and nothing else. He has to remember that he was the greatest golfer in the world and that he still has that ability in him. I'd love him to show that to the world again. After that, I bet you never hear the name Stevie Williams again.