The Bucky Five: One of the Most Painful Losses Ever

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst INovember 9, 2008

This is the 1,000th post we've made on The Bucky Channel, and we'd once again like to thank you for all of your support.

I thought about making it a retrospective posting like I did when we hit 500, but instead I thought I'd rather rain on my own parade. Your 1,000th post on The Bucky Channel is instead a review of one of the hardest losses to take that I can remember as a Packer fan.

5. Rodgers Looked Awful

It's clear to anyone who watched the Vikings' 28-27 win over the Packers that Green Bay is never in this game without a couple of big returns. Will Blackmon and Nick Collins did all they could to help Rodgers in his worst game yet, but it proved not to be enough. In fact, this was the first game where I can honestly say Rodgers looked completely lost.

I've been defending him all season, but he looked just terrible today. Granted, the offensive line sucked and the Vikings defense was dominant, but Rodgers just looked intimidated out there. To his credit, he never turned the ball over, but that's due in part to his lack of desire to throw the ball for more than 15 yards at a time.

I'm going to say this, but I'm going to say it only once, and then we're dropping the subject—this is a game we win if Brett Favre is the quarterback.

4. Safety Dance

I never think safeties are really that big of a deal because they are only two points. But I was proven most definitely wrong on Sunday. The Vikings had great field position after each safety, and those two points were the difference.

When was the last time you saw two safeties in the same game? Has that even happened before?

The first safety was left up to interpretation, but I can't disagree with the refs calling one, despite Aaron Rodgers' unnatural throwing efforts. The second one, though, was really a microcosm of this game: Rodgers not getting rid of the ball and the offensive line being soft.

3. Penalties

Speaking of those meatheads, how bad did they look as a unit? What kind of strategy is it to let the opposing team's best player, Jared Allen, go untouched en route to your quarterback? A pretty bad one if you ask me.

Said offensive linemen were also key contributors to the team's 10 penalty, 80-yard performance. You just aren't going to win very many games if you haven't figured out to play by the rules, especially more than halfway into the season.

2. The Final Drive

After last week's heartbreaking loss to the Titans, I'm not sure how I was able to stomach another nail-biter like the one that occurred against Minnesota. I wasn't confident in Crosby hitting that field goal in the first place, because I thought it was just a little too far.

Blame the offense for not being able to push the ball any further down the field. Blame Aaron Rodgers for taking the short option to Donald Driver when he had man coverage on everyone else. Blame Mike McCarthy for calling the ballgame too conservatively. Blame all of those people before you blame Mason Crosby.

1. Pure Hatred

I hate the Vikings more than any other team in all of football. That I've said before, but today confirmed it. It's just so hard to lose to them. Thank God that I no longer live in a town like La Crosse, WI which is infected with Vikings fans, and that I'm back on the glorious eastern side of Wisconsin.

Let's talk a little more about my hatred. I officially hate Adrian Peterson at the level of "Will Never Draft Him in Fantasy Again." What an absolute piece of work that guy is.

I was so happy when, after Brad Childress gave into AP and went for it on 4th down, Peterson put the ball on the turf. I was very unhappy when he scored the game-winning touchdown and celebrated like he won the Super Bowl. Someone remind me, isn't taking your helmet off on the field a 15-yard penalty?

Speaking of turds, how about that Jared Allen? Talk about a guy who eats his cereal with Red Bull. Note to everyone, Allen included: Wearing 69 as your number stops being funny after about ninth grade. You know the only reason he wears that number is to draw even more attention to himself—pretty lame.

As for the Packers, this loss drops them to 4-5, still one game back in the NFC North. By now it's clear the only way this team is making the playoffs is by winning the division, and they have a good chance to get back into the thick of things if they beat the Bears next week.

They really can't afford more than two losses in these final seven games, and judging by the way they played today, it's not going to be easy.

Happy 1,000th post.


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