Golden State Warriors: 8 Warriors Who Could Get in the Most Trouble This Lockout

Chris CarsonContributor IAugust 11, 2011

Golden State Warriors: 8 Warriors Who Could Get in the Most Trouble This Lockout

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    In NBA news, the lockout continues and there seems to be no end in sight.

    For fans, the situation could not be worse. The thought of a long winter with no weeknight NBA games to watch is worse than hearing Christmas has been canceled.

    For players, the lockout means a lot of free time. With a lot of free time and a lot of money, one has to wonder what type of mischief the out-of-work athletes will get into.

    Though Golden State Warriors fans are sure their beloved team will stay focused, hit the weight room and work on their free throws, it's best to prepare for the worst.

    That way you'll be prepared for the news that Monta Ellis is in a full body cast.

    Here are 10 Warriors who could get in the most trouble this lockout.

Monta Ellis

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    As Warrior fans, we have to assume Monta Ellis learned his lesson and won't bomb around on anymore high risk mopeds, keeping his physical health intact.

    I am more concerned about his financial health. Boredom can be as dangerous as rat poison to a rich man's bank account.

    Monta Ellis already wears a public school teacher's salary on his body and there is still room on his arm pits and his forehead for more ink.

    Let's hope he doesn't spend the millions he made last year on new tattoos.

    The Warriors don't need their best player distracted by bankruptcy when this lockout finally ends.

Jeremy Lin

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    On paper, Jeremy Lin would be the least likely to do anything wrong during the lockout.

    But after a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and the largest drop in the Dow Jones since 2008, it looks like the United States may be heading toward another recession.

    Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics, a pretty good safety net. However, at this point, trying to put that degree to work would spell big trouble for Lin.

Charlie Bell

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    A Google search of Charlie Bell shows that the former Michigan State Spartan guard hosted an Internet show called, "Hey Charlie! Do My Job!" where Bell would try his hands at a variety of blue collar professions.

    With the lockout, I predict Charlie Bell will start filming some new episodes, but with a more contemporary, adventure man twist.

    I just can't shake the idea that Charlie Bell's experiment in reality TV will end with him stranded at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, alone, with no cell reception.


Klay Thompson

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    After spending the past three years in Pullman, Washington, the Bay Area will seem like a whole other planet to rookie Klay Thompson.

    The city of San Francisco alone offers plenty of opportunities for trouble to a young man, but lucky for Thompson, he doen't even need to travel that far.

    Come September LovEvolution, aka LoveFest, northern California's favorite rave, will be held in and around Oracle Arena, the Warriors home.

    With more than enough psychedelic drugs and naked teenagers to pack the Golden Gate, it would be hard for Thompson not to get in trouble.

Andris Biedrins

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    Nate Robinson is considering a go at pro football, reminding us that NBA players are free to try other sports.

    Considering the way Andris Biedrins shoots free throws, I see him picking up the shot put for his home nation of Latvia.

    It may prove to be difficult for Biedrins though, because he will have to throw farther than Latvia's Olympic shot put thrower, Maris Urtans.

    I don't like Biedrinsh chances.

Dorell Wright

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    The Chinese must be thrilled that the NBA lockout could send so many talented players east.

    Even Dorell Wright, 3-point extraordinaire, has expressed interest in the possibility of balling in the People's Republic.

    If Dorell Wright does end up in China, he could run into trouble with his Twitter account.

    The Chinese government is weary of social media, and with almost 4,000 Tweets to his name, The Party would almost certainly label Dorell Wright a political subversive.

Stephen Curry

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    First and foremost, congratulations to Stephen Curry and his bride on their recent nuptials. Having said that, it won't be all wine and roses for the young couple.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and with the NBA lockout, Curry will be spending a lot of time at home. Maybe too much time.

    Relationships are hard and being together constantly only makes them harder. With nothing to do during the day, Curry may be in constant trouble with his new wife.

Ekpe Udoh

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    Ekpe Udoh has already lost $350,000 in a ponzi scheme, according to Sports Illustrated.

    Hopefully he doesn't get into any more trouble during the lockout.