UFC 133 Results: Report Cards for All Main Card Fighters

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2011

UFC 133 Results: Report Cards for All Main Card Fighters

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    It's official: the short-lived Tito Ortiz career revival hype train has come to a screeching halt.

    This past Saturday night, Rashad Evans not only knocked off 14 months worth of ring rust, but also cemented his position as the No. 1 contender in the UFC light heavyweight division. By scoring a TKO victory in the second round against Tito Ortiz, Evans secured a fight against the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson that is scheduled to go down at UFC 135.

    In other action, Vitor Belfort scored a much needed knockout victory that might have ended Yoshihiro Akiyama's UFC career, Rory MacDonald further proved that he is the future of the welterweight division, and Dennis Hallman made all of us want to throw up.

    So what kind of grades did the main card fighters of UFC 133 get from the unofficial resident professor of Bleacher Report MMA? Read on to find out.

Rashad Evans: B+

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    Rashad Evans proved to the world Saturday night that ring rust is an urban legend.

    After a 14 month layoff, Evans looked on point on his way to earning a second round TKO victory over Tito Ortiz.

    Evans did get taken down and tagged a few times, but he was able to overcome the adversity in front of him and earn his spot as the No. 1 contender in the UFC light heavyweight division.

Dennis Hallman: F-

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    Dennis Hallman gets an F for getting smashed by Brian Ebersole.

    That grade gets lowered to an F- thanks to the fact that he was rocking the most awful fight trunks in the history of mixed martial arts.

    Thanks to our friends over at MiddleEasy.com, we all now know that Hallman's private parts actually did what we all feared they would do. But don't worry, Zeus was kind enough to edit the picture.

Brian Ebersole: B+

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    "TWAS" looked incredible in his second outing in the UFC against Dennis Hallman Saturday night.

    The general belief was that if the fight hit the ground, Ebersole would be in trouble. Not only was TWAS able to hold his own, but he crushed Hallman's face with some of the best elbows thrown recently by anyone not named Jon Jones.

    Fear the manscaped chest.

Jorge Rivera: C-

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    Most people believed that if Rivera left the Octagon Saturday night with another loss, he may call it a career. If it was the last time we saw him inside the UFC, he can go out knowing that he put on the best performance he could for the fans.

    But unfortunately, Rivera's best at this point of his career just isn't all that great. He's a great person, an inspirational figure in the sport, but it may be time for Rivera to call it a career.

Rory MacDonald: A

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    Rory MacDonald's performance can be summed up with one word: beastmode.

    Mike Pyle brought nothing to the Octagon that MacDonald couldn't shrug off with ease. After Rory laughed off Pyle's attempt at offense, he proceeded to beat the "living death" out of his latest victim.

    Comparisons are already being made between MacDonald and current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. Let's give MacDonald a few more fights before talking about him in the same breath as the best welterweight in the world.

Mike Pyle: D-

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    Mike Pyle got demolished by younger, hungrier, more talented fighter.

    Pyle offered up little offense, but made for a really good punching bag. Or he was a very well paid sparring partner.

    Whatever the case may be, Pyle showed that he is nowhere near the top to the welterweight division.

Constantnos Philippou: C+

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    Philippou did well considering he took a step up in competition on late notice, but he still showed some big holes in his game.

    He showed that he was easy to hit, and his cardio could have been greatly improved. When, or if, he takes another step up the middleweight ranks, he better have improved on those areas, or else he will get wrecked.

Vitor Belfort: A-

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    If Vitor Belfort still wanted to be a relevant middleweight in the UFC, he needed to beat Akiyama, and do so impressively.

    He accomplished both feats.

    Belfort looked like the Belfort of old as he destroyed Akiyama, handing him his third straight loss in a row. This wasn't enough to get him back in the title picture, but another performance or two like it and we may see Belfort fighting for the middleweight title once again.

Yoshihiro Akiyama: D-

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    Akiyama suffered his third straight defeat when he was knocked out by Vitor Belfort.

    Now his career is in the hands of Dana White. Will they release him, or will he make the move down to welterweight?

    Only time will tell.

Tito Ortiz: B-

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    Usually, Ortiz wouldn't get this high of a grade, but he deserves it.

    It has been years since we saw Ortiz display the amount of heart that he did against Rashad Evans.

    If we never see Ortiz fight again, at least he went out showing he can still compete at a high level