Texas Tech Keeps Silencing Doubters: What Must Be Done to Earn Respect?

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst INovember 9, 2008

Three weeks ago, we all heard it: "Texas Tech will get blown off the field by Kansas and crawl back into obscurity." So what happened there? A 63-21 victory that many chalked up to Kansas being overrated. Tech was the underdog in that game, embarrassed the Jayhawks at their homecoming, and got no respect.

That's fine. We'll earn it against Texas then.

So, the nation is all set for the showdown in Lubbock between Heisman front-runner Colt McCoy and overshadowed also-ran Graham Harrell. Harrell outplays McCoy and Tech outplays Texas early, dominating the line of scrimmage and playing the better defense.

Texas comes out strong in the second half and puts a scare into Texas Tech. Here is the letdown, right?


Texas Tech answers the Longhorns' scoring drive and scores on the play of the year so far, one we have all seen, so no need to bring it up (after all, I don't want all the UT fans reason to tear up again). Some analysts, pundits, and so-called journalists give Tech kudos for the win, yet point to UT coming out flat as the reason.

So Tech didn't win the game—Texas just lost it? Of course, I understand.

Fans all around the country begin to PERHAPS think that Texas Tech may be a legit team, but obviously not BCS worthy. They will lose to OSU or OU, most likely both, no need to worry. Which is fine—Tech would love to prove it to you against Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Texas Tech comes into the Oklahoma State game being told that they will lose one of their next two games, and probably both. This is the general consensus from Alabama fans, Penn State fans, Texas fans, Oklahoma fans, Florida fans, and fans of Richard Simmons.

How does Tech respond to all of the doubters out there? They have THE most dominant performance of perhaps any team this season. They showed dominance from the start just as Texas did against Missouri but didn't allow them to score as much in the second half.

They dominated a top 10 team, holding them 20+ points under their season average and picking apart the defense as all of us Tech fans knew they would.

I am going to be honest. I wasn't scared of this Oklahoma State game at all. I knew that we were the better team and had more momentum, and having it at home did a lot. To most people I knew, I projected 49-24, and I was actually a bit off. It's all right though—Tech's dominance is the best exterminator of ignorance I have ever seen.

You would think that NOW people would take Tech seriously, because had Texas done that to Oklahoma State, the world would have said that UT was the best team in the history of ever. But no, people choose to point out that Tech will DEFINITELY lose to Oklahoma in a few weeks.

Yes, it is our hardest game. From the beginning of the season, it was the game I was scared of, even more than the game against the Longhorns. BUT the choice to ignore our last two performances and focus on our upcoming game is ridiculous to the point of stupidity.

Every team in the nation gets more respect than Texas Tech it would seem, even UT—no, not Texas, Tennessee (Oh sweet dude, did you see that play? The Tennessee QB threw an interception AND got trucked trying to tackle the guy who intercepted it, that takes heart! That loss against Wyoming will just prove how well this team can rebound.).

Due to these recent occurrences, I have compiled a list of things that Texas Tech must do in order to gain respect from the college football world.

  • Oh dang, Mike Leach is going to leave Lubbock for a new job because obviously he hates it here. SO, just fire him and the staff now. Play the rest of the season with no coach, just a floating clipboard. Oh, that wouldn't get us respect? "It is a system offense anyway, no need for coaches OR players." DUH, I should have known. Sorry.
  • Compete for a Big 12 championship and a National Championship without any five-star recruits...oh wait, we're already doing that? Oops.
  • Don't field a team on defense. People always say the Big 12 has no defense—let's see the literal result. (Note: For this idea to work, we may need SEC officials out there making tackles.)
  • Create a new offensive scheme and abandon the spread since we've made it a household name. I suggest something along the lines of a bunch formation, where instead of throwing it, you line up 11 players in the middle of the field, right up against the 11 defenders and run it right into the middle of the wall. Oh, three-quarters of the SEC does this every game? Sorry, I'll start brainstorming.
  • Get President-Elect Obama to state that hating on Texas Tech, just like the BCS, is bad for college football.
  • Play in the SEC.
  • Beat Oklahoma. But wait, then most would say it doesn't matter, that was an overrated OU team. Beat Baylor. Win the Big 12 CG, but wait, Missouri is overrated, right? Win the NCG, oh, (insert SEC team here) was overrated? Darn. Only 14-0? You guys suck, plus you are historically irrelevant. Maybe if you won more games in 1930 we could take you seriously.

Just a note to you all: It has nearly gotten to the point of surrender. I have won over $xx,xxx in the last two weeks on Texas Tech due to your skepticism, yet it just isn't satisfying.

The teams' fans that talk so much more trash—UT, SEC, Penn State—can earn respect because they can attack people and try to make their so-called points with insults. Yet the Texas Tech fans who sit back and let our team do the talking cannot get any.

While it is true that you shouldn't let the media and casual fans' perceptions of your team affect your feelings, it isn't very fun rooting for a team that is rarely recognized, even when they are the best...

So while you all are figuring out the formula for the NCG ONCE Tech loses to Oklahoma, you may want to second-guess yourself. After all, Texas Tech is in control of their own destiny, even if you're trying to take away their remote.

We'll survive and stay happy regardless. After all, nobody took us seriously at the beginning of the season. Why should we ever expect differently?


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